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Savings and news with Spokane Auto DealersFinally, Car Deal Expert gives you a way to stay connected from anywhere on the web with everything from news to specials with Spokane auto dealers. We are constantly updating the new Car Deal Expert widget with the most recent news stories, videos, and deals that we have to offer. Now, no matter where you are in the United States, you will never miss important auto news, deals, updates, videos or recalls with the Spokane auto dealers app. To get your own Spokane Auto Dealers widget, click the “Get Widget” button at the bottom of this article.

Car Deal Expert Widget

Now you can get this widget for yourself! You can use it in our webpage, install it on your own webpage, or download it for your very own personal use. Simply click the “get widget now” button and you will have the latest auto industry information at your fingertips.


The news section of the widget automatically updates every time we publish a new article. If something hot is happening in the auto industry, we are there to tell you about it. Keep informed on any auto recalls that might affect you or someone you know while learning basic tricks to keeping your car running like new. The latest breaking trends in the auto industry will always be in one place.


We all know that reading can sometimes be a bore! Now you can keep updated with the widget by clicking on the video tab. Watch our YouTube Channel in your web browser without having to go to a completely different website. Here you can see cars in Spokane, special features from vehicles, special offers from Spokane auto dealers, or just sit back and relax for a moment of auto entertainment.

Save money with Spokane Auto Dealers

The deals tab will highlight different dealerships and specials that we currently have running, such as Gus Johnson Ford. We regularly update this tab so you never miss a single special or deal. Some deals will only be available from this widget; others will point you in the right direction, like to our Car Deal Expert Facebook page, for finding the new or used car of your dreams or how we can help you get financed!

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