The top video game cars ever driven (Pt. 1)

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Action figure of the evil Bowser behind the wheel of his Mario Kart vehicle.

Go for a ride in one of the top video game cars ever. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Stephan Mosel/Flickr)

Think real-world physics are a drag? Do you crave supernal acceleration and handling, as well as a reset button in case you plow into a crowd of people? Then these top video game cars of all time are for you. Each of these fictional vehicles are a super car in its own way, and most are at least modeled after real-world creations.

Top video game cars No. 1 – SLF450X from ‘Midnight Club II’

This underground street racing game features a bevy of curvy, high-powered supercars that have been modified heavily. Most of the vehicles in the game have real-world counterparts, save for one: the SLF450X. It’s a jet-powered car that can hit 250 mph. With some in-game modifications, machine guns and missiles are just a few button presses away. You’ll be too fast and too furious for anything else on the midnight road.

Top video game cars No. 2 – Red Bull X2011 from ‘Gran Turismo 5’

Red Bull may give you wings, but this Formula 1-styled beast is a sun that could ground any upstart Icarus. Think “no restrictions” and the Red Bull X2011 is what “Gran Turismo 5” delivers. It literally pushes 8 gs of force and reaches in-game speeds well over 350 mph, an upgrade over the X2010 model that appeared in “Gran Turismo 4.” In terms of looks, the X2011 has the line of an F1 racer, but it can corner in ways that an F1 driver could only dream. Covered wheels, glass canopy and fans that suck the car to the ground make for an aerodynamic powerhouse.

Top video game cars No. 3 – The Banshee from ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Rockstar didn’t save the best car on the road for its latest GTA effort (“Grand Theft Auto 4”). The iconic Banshee has been featured in nearly all Grand Theft Auto games, a perfect ride for a player’s worst impulses of criminal mayhem. At first, the wailing supercar looked like a Dodge Viper, but more recent renditions of the automobile lean toward the body design of a 1980s Corvette or even a TVR. It’s fast, stylish and can outrun the cops regardless of how many dead hookers you’ve strewn across the road ahead.

Top video game cars No. 4 – Ford Indigo from ‘Need For Speed II’

Originally an open-wheeled concept car with a 6.0-liter V12, the Ford Indigo would have gotten a good 28 mpg on the highway, quite an accomplishment for such an engine. When the real world gave way to one of video game texture mapping, Need for Speed players had their high-performance honey of a getaway car. Then ahead-of-its-time (for 1997) HID Xenon headlamps, push-button shift and an engine components that are part of the outward structure of the car made for a vehicle Ford wished it could have actually built for the high-performance market.

Top video game cars No. 5 – ‘Mario Kart’

Think childhood go-karts with reality-warping super powers. Each game character’s kart has its own particular design, with its ratings for acceleration, top speed, handling and capacity for “extras.” It is the extras that have defined the “Mario Kart” franchise as one of the ultimate party games. Complete with ghosts, lightning, bananas and magic mushrooms (not that kind, even though it is a party game), each Mario Kart vehicle maximizes the feeling of speed and sense of driver amusement.

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