How to talk your significant other into buying a new car

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Talk to your significant other before a big purchase like an automobile. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/The Yorck Project/Wikipedia)

When you’re in a serious relationship and it comes time to buy a car, honesty and avoidance of manipulation are always the best policy. Yet a little bit of gentle persuasion never hurts. Here are some ideas for how to talk your significant other into buying a new car.

Make your expectations clear

If you aren’t in a relationship with someone who is already into cars or is a gearhead, all is not lost. From the beginning, make your automotive preferences clear, and let your significant other know that you would like to purchase a certain type of car in the future, and that you’re saving money in order to do so. That way, there will be no surprises.

Be realistic, set standards low (but not too low)

Most people would love to have a $1 million Bugatti Veyron, but the 99 percent generally cannot afford such a luxury. An economical, fully functional car is more realistic, and it’s also more desirable than a bargain basement beater that “needs TLC.”

Focus on something you can afford that works and isn’t ugly. If you’re realistic, your choice will undoubtedly stack up well against the competition and make for a more persuasive argument with your significant other.

Explain your choice with evidence

One of the keys to getting the car you want is to present hard evidence. Make your significant other understand why the car you want is a fine choice. Studies, stat-laden spreadsheets, videos, model comparisons and even a test drive can go a long way toward winning them over to your cause.

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Evidence must include proof that you can afford the car payments without sacrificing more important things like retirement and kids’ college funds.

The surprise car in the driveway

A surprise in the driveway is a risky departure from the rest of the advice given here. It’s very old-school and can cause you a great deal of trouble, including the end of the relationship. Yet sometimes, this tactic actually works. Perhaps it’s the power of surprise. Just make sure your significant other can handle surprises.

Talk and trade hopes, concerns

Communication is the bedrock of a healthy relationship, and when it comes to buying a car, communication is vital. Talk to your significant other about the pros and cons, driving styles, financial landscape and more. Don’t overlook what the person you love has to say, and what he or she wants. Be respectful and open. You may need to compromise before you can get what you want, and this could even mean buying the car your partner wants first, thus delaying your own gratification.

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