How to change a cabin air filter (Pt. 2)

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Don't do this when you're in your car. Put in a clean cabin air filter instead. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Nolan Williamson/Flickr)

Changing your car’s cabin air filter isn’t a difficult job. It’s an important job because it helps your air conditioner and heater to work more efficiently, and more importantly, it helps you breathe easier while you’re operating your vehicle. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article.

Is it hard to replace a cabin air filter?

Thankfully, replacing a cabin air filter isn’t difficult. This filtration device is typically situated under the dashboard or attached to the glove box. Sometimes, it is located within the engine compartment. Whatever the case, it can take as little as 10 minutes to swap a filthy filter for a fresh, clean one. Again, if you’re uncertain as to where your vehicle’s cabin air filter is located, consult your vehicle manufacturer’s owner’s manual. If that doesn’t give you the information you need, consult with a dealer or automotive professional.

Once you’re familiar with where the passenger air filter is located – and which type and size of filter you need – you can get to work. Thankfully, it’s a reasonable do-it-yourself job that can save you money on labor fees that you’d pay to a mechanic.

Necessary tools for replacing a cabin air filter

In keeping with the nature of this being a do-it-yourself-type job, replacing your cabin air filter doesn’t require heavy machinery. A rag, a vacuum and a few screwdrivers is all you’re likely to need. The rag and vacuum are for wiping up the housing compartment and sucking out the ventilation system. The screwdrivers are for what you would expect, although some air filters simply unclip. Goggles and a painter’s mask won’t hurt, either, unless you like dust in your eyes and lungs.

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Pull the air filter and be the judge

You won’t know for certain whether your car’s cabin air filter needs replacing until you actually remove it. Thankfully, even if you’re hell-bent on replacing it before assessing it in terms of 50 shades of gray, you won’t be out too much cash. Typically, a cabin air filter costs around $25, which won’t break anyone’s bank. Unclip, unscrew and remove the old air filter, then snap the new one into place and secure the filter housing. Be sure to wipe and vacuum where appropriate before inserting the new filter, however. By doing so, you ensure that the new filter will work to its maximum potential. By doing so, you ensure that your lungs will have a shot at cleaner cabin air.

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