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Wait'll he sees!

"Wait'll he sees what happens next! April Fool car pranks are the best." Image: pheezy/Flickr/CC BY

The best way, of course, to get to somebody on April Fool’s Day is to get them where they live. So what is it that Americans cherish the most? What is so precious to us that even a satirical skewering will cut us to the bone? Why, our rides, of course. Here is a rundown of some safe-but-devilish car-related pranks you can spring on your friends this Sunday.

There’s an app for that

A new app from Mobilaga, available now at the Apple App Store, is made to order. With “Dude, Your Car” you can take a snap of your buddy’s ride and easily add a few dings, broken windows whatnot to the image. Send it back, saying you saw what the vandals did to his or her car. The app is only 99 cents, or there is a free version for those who are eager to try it out.

The glass humbuggery

Got an old piece of car window glass laying around? Probably not, but you can get one pretty cheaply at a wrecking yard. Smash it up and take the pieces to your buddy’s car. Roll down the window and spread the glass on the seat and around the car door. Sit back and watch the fun.

Messing with the settings

This is a low-impact one that can be good for a howl if you are able to secretly get into your friend’s car before you are riding with him or her someplace. Turn everything on in the car — lights, radio, wipers, turn signals — and crank them up. Top volume on the radio. Top speed on the wipers. Change the position of the seat and the angle of the steering wheel. Get a load of their expression when they turn the key.

Car blocking

This perennial classic requires being close enough to the subject to be able to have access to his or her car. But if you can get the vehicle up on blocks, there are few things more amusing than when your friend find his or her car won’t go, not realizing the wheels are spinning two inches above the pavement.

Pop goes the sucker

Get some balloons, fill them with air and place them under the tires. This probably works better at night, when the balloons are less visible, but when your friend drives over the balloons they will make a resounding “pop.” Watch them screech to a halt and get out to survey the “damage.”

Annoying bumper stickers

For this one, you have to know what annoys the person being pranked. Perhaps your friend is a staunch conservative. Find an Obama campaign bumper sticker online and print it out. Stick it to the back of your friend’s car with double-back tape. Watch them rant about the liberal bumper-sticker conspiracy.

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Musical irritation

Purchase several musical greeting cards and remove the sound-making devices embedded in them. Tape them under the dash of your friend’s car in hard-to-reach places. It will be a mind-numbing cacophony in that cockpit until the batteries die.

Where is that noise coming from?

We leave you with one final, very clever trick that uses large, plastic tie-downs from a hardware store. It takes a little mechanical preparation, but it could take your pal weeks or even months before he or she figures out where that noise is coming from. Watch the video:

‘Where is that noise coming from?’ video


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