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Air Dam

The air dam is, most often, used as an aesthetic add-on. Image from Flickr.

The air dam, or front spoiler, of your vehicle may seem to be a part of questionable need. Like a rear spoiler, the intention of the air dam is to redirect air and improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Is the air dam really a necessary part, or is it just one more piece that will eventually fall off?

Benefits of the air dam

Depending on the model of your car, an air dam could be a very good idea. An air dam sits at the front underside of your vehicle and redirects air around the car. An air dam provides slightly increased vehicle mileage, as well as allowing the car to go slightly faster without lifting off the ground.

Drawbacks of the air dam

An air dam on your vehicle is not always helpful. On many older or larger cars, such as trucks, air dams were not attached very well, which means they have a tendency to fall off. An air dam can also be dented and damaged during off-road driving, causing friction and damage to more parts of your vehicle.

The conclusion on an air dam?

In the end, an air dam is not a damaging part to have on your vehicle. Like many factory-installed or secondary spoilers, though, these parts are used mostly for looks. An air dam could increase the aerodynamic features of your vehicle and improve your mileage. This improvement, however, is minor; you would do better to properly inflate your tires. If your car comes pre-installed with an air dam, it probably isn’t worth it to take it off unless you intend on doing off-road driving. If you are considering an add-on air dam, though, consider very carefully whether you drive fast enough so often that it justifies the time, cost and effort.

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