Motorists everywhere are constantly in fear of being stung by a speed trap, where police lie in wait to ticket people for speeding. There are some ways for people to stay within speed limits and avoid speed traps and tickets. The best defense is not speeding It goes without saying, but the best way to Read on! →

Drivers who just don’t see the whole “don’t speed” option as a viable way to avoid getting speeding tickets, rejoice. Lead-footed, smartphone-owning drivers probably already have Trapster, but the new, improved Trapster is coming out Tuesday. The free smartphone app still maps out and shows drivers the location of live police speed traps, red light Read on! →

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have been using the latest technology to detect and stop speeders for years. Now the technology is catching up to drivers trying to avoid tickets. The free app Trapster notifies users of impending road hazards and speed traps. Recently, Trapster, in conjunction with CNBC, released its list of the Read on! →