If you’re still driving too slowly at this point, stop it. Get up to speed or leave the roadway to the capable adults. Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article. Roadway hazard No. 4 – Old people Respect for one’s elders is admirable, but that social construct flies out the Read on! →

Driving too slowly can tear a whole in the emotional space time continuum. If can also ruin an innocent person’s day. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Roadway hazard No. 1 – The distracted texter Distracted driving has increased significantly with the rise of the cellular phone and today’s smartphone. There Read on! →

Treating the highway like your personal drag strip fits the definition of reckless driving. The reverse can be just as bad, however, as driving too slowly amounts to unsafe driving. Rather than creating a spirit-grinding traffic jam during your slow ride, do the rest of us a solid and trade in that Sunday drive for Read on! →