Tesla Motors is trying to deflect claims made by a blogger that its Tesla Roadster, if simply left attended, will become a “brick.” In electronics, “bricking” means to render a device no longer functional. Tesla says the issue is one of maintenance, not unsound engineering. Replacement battery packs cost $40,000 Blogger Michael Degusta wrote that Read on! →

Tesla Motors, the electric car company, has just unveiled the Model X, the crossover SUV model. Many features will mirror the Model S, including performance, range and price. About those doors Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk recently created a bit of a stir when he announced Tesla’s upcoming crossover SUV Tesla, the Model X, would Read on! →

Tesla, the electric car maker known for its spunky, lightning-quick Roadster, is releasing its four-door sedan, the Tesla S, next year. However, those who want one had better get in line because the car is already sold out. Demand already outpacing supply for electric car maker Tesla made a bold statement several years ago by Read on! →