Once upon a time, teenagers pined for the day they’d receive their drivers’ licenses; it was a right of passage. Today, a study by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor finds that teen drivers would rather navigate the information superhighway than the interstate highway system. Simply put, U.S. teens of driving age prefer having Read on! →

A driver’s license used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom for teenagers. Studies, however, have started to show that teenagers are waiting longer to start driving. New driving statistics According to new research from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that more and more teens are waiting to get their driver’s licenses. Read on! →

A new study suggests that 500 lives would be spared and nearly 10,000 crashes eliminated every year if states enacted tougher licensing standards for teen drivers. Meanwhile, a separate study suggests that peer-group passengers may actually deter teen drivers from texting behind the wheel. Regulation can reduce deaths In its study, released May 31, the Read on! →

Is there any point to automakers tweaking their latest designs for young consumers? Not according to a University of Michigan study released today, according to Automotive News. Teen drivers – or potential drivers in their teen-age years, aka “Generation N” – are proving to be neutral in regards to the driving privilege. As U.S. light Read on! →

A pair of new studies have found that the largest reason that teenagers get into car crashes isn’t alcohol, drugs or even texting. It’s that innate human need to fit in to a group: peer pressure. ‘Thrill seekers’ love company The first study, by insurance giant State Farm and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, surveyed Read on! →