New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who earlier this month proposed fighting obesity by banning sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, is at it again this time with New York speed cameras targeting speeders. The mayor proposed shaming lead-footed violators caught by speed cameras. Waiting on state lawmakers for New York Speed Cameras The mayor has Read on! →

Speed cameras are somewhat resented by a lot of people, as few relish having to pay the government even more than they already do. A number of people have been vandalizing speed cameras in various areas, leading governments to crack down on people who damage them. Cameras installed to watch the speed cameras When Juvenal Read on! →

Speed cameras, also called traffic cameras, are controversial. Many believe automated enforcement to be an intrusion by the nanny state into our everyday activities, as well as our wallets though studies show they save lives. Are speed cameras worthy protection or jack boots with a lens? On paper, speed cameras are the best thing to Read on! →