The Scion xB and xD are curious little cars, in that they are box-shaped but also small, giving the practicality of an SUV but the size and economy of a sub-compact. However, Scion has decided to give these models the ax because sales have fallen off. Cubes kicked to the curb In the early 2000s, Read on! →

Getting a ticket is never fun. For most members of the driving public, though, it’s a part of life. On average, .23 tickets are issued for every 100,000 vehicle miles driven in the United States. Certain vehicles tend to drive that average up — though whether it is because of the drivers or the vehicle Read on! →

According to Automotive news, Toyota was alerted to an issue in 2008 that ultimately prompted the recall of 7.43 million Toyota and Scion vehicles around the world four years later. Some are questioning why the automaker waited so long. The reputation of Toyota? The sales and reputation of Toyota were finally rebounding after the massive Read on! →

It isn’t a secret that Scion, Toyota’s budget brand, markets heavily to younger drivers in order to get them into the Toyota fold as early as possible. The Scion marketing department, however, is expanding its appeals to try to attract heavy metal fans. Scion marketing sells…but whose buying? Scion likes to attract younger buyers and Read on! →

The much-hyped Scion FR-S is getting mixed reviews from the automotive press. But everyone seems to agree that a buyer will get his or her money’s worth. Scion FR-S out of the starting gate Toyota has produced the Scion brand for the North American market since 2002. It is designed to appeal to younger motorists Read on! →