In 1959, Congress passed the first legislation pertaining to the use of safety belts in the U.S. Before then, safety gear was rare at best. In a drive down hazardous memory lane, Popular Mechanics profiles some of the most dangerous automotive interiors ever. 1905 Darracq 200HP: In the hot seat The automotive industry was in Read on! →

If you’re driving at night with fogged over or dirty headlights, you’re risking the possibility of not seeing an obstacle in the road. That can spell a serious accident. Not only that, but if condensation and grime are allowed to sit inside a headlight for a long period of time, the possibility for headlight failure Read on! →

When it comes to the very best in both form and function, the automotive industry will have a great deal to offer consumers in 2011. Popular Mechanics has released its top 10 cars and trucks of 2011, and fans should have a great deal from which to choose. Ford grabs three slots on the list. Read on! →

Popular Mechanics’ top 10 cars of 2011 have been announced. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this 2011 rundown. 2011 Ford Mustang – $22,145 The re-energized Mustang clocks in with a 305-hp V6 at entry level, but the 5.0 and Boss 302 upgrade options push the power to race car level. The shocks Read on! →