Big and tall drivers need interior space in order to enter, properly operate and exit a vehicle. Forget about chop shop stories like that of former NBA center Manute Bol, who at 7-foot-7 was forced to remove the front seat of his first car so that he could drive from the back. Unmodified, the following Read on! →

Congested highways filled with gas-guzzling vehicles have helped create dirty air and countless budget sinkholes for consumers. Improved methods of public transportation and more fuel-efficient green vehicles have helped this problem to a great extent, but there is still room for improvement. Present options for change are frequently quite expensive. But when it comes to Read on! →

Good cars never die, even if they’re barely large enough to qualify as more than your child’s Hot Wheels. Jalopnik reports that the Peel P50 and Peel Trident mid-engine microcars from the Isle of Man have returned from the automotive grave. Neither has been built since 1966, but a new company has taken up the Read on! →