The Japan earthquake and tsunami has effectively shut down the Japanese auto industry. Japanese auto plants escaped major damage from the earthquake and tsunami, but rolling blackouts triggered by stricken nuclear reactors have halted production. The Japanese auto shutdown is likely to affect Toyota the most. Toyota stock, as well as shares for other Japanese Read on! →

The Japanese auto industry is reeling from the biggest drop ever seen in the month of April, reports the Wall Street Journal. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami cut production and the supply chain of new cars, trucks and buses to dealers by 51 percent when compared with April totals from last year. The 108,824 Read on! →

Three months of catastrophic floods across Thailand have paralyzed Honda’s parts and assembly chains, reports the Detroit Free Press. Shortages have forced the Japanese automaker to cut North American factory production by half for the second time in 2011. The previous occasion was the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Honda cutbacks will run Read on! →