A lawsuit has been lodged in California against Hyundai by a man who claims the company misled him, through advertising, about the mileage the car can attain. The Hyundai lawsuit is at least the second over mileage claims. Hyundai lawsuit does not include Jeff Bridges People all over the country can turn on their television Read on! →

Since the price of gas has been shooting up, car buying habits among Americans have changed accordingly. However, American consumers are not buying as many green cars such as hybrids and electric cars as they are compact and subcompact cars that sip the gas tank. Almost 60 percent of Americans don’t love the Leaf A Read on! →

Hyundai, along with other foreign automakers, is showing off upcoming models at the Chicago Auto Show. The Korean auto firm displayed the Elantra Coupe, as the brand is adding a new two-door to its lineup. Hyundai says no to trucks Hyundai is currently showing off new cars at the Chicago Auto Show, and the CEO Read on! →