When we buy luxury cars, we’re buying image, prestige, performance and comfort. According to recent crash test studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, we may not be buying safety, however. The Detroit Free Press reports that a number of mid-size luxury cars – among them the vaunted Mercedes-Benz C-Class – did not impress Read on! →

Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute made its testing standards more rigorous, increasing the challenge for automakers to receive a five-star rating. Now the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is making a similar move with its “small overlap,” or “glancing blow,” crash test. Most of the cars tested, however, failed to make the Read on! →

As a part of a larger donation to the Smithsonian museum today, two GM crash test dummies were officially put into the national museum. Costumes for Vince and Larry, the 1980s crash test dummies that starred in ads, were also donated. These donations, among others, are destined for an auto-safety exhibit. Vince and Larry, the Read on! →