Floor mats that lock accelerator pedal prompt 2.3 million-vehicle recall Things have been tough for the automobile industry this past year. Gross overestimation of public demand, corporate mismanagement and a marked decline in sales left America’s automakers at the government’s doorstep crying for handouts. The scenario for automakers abroad wasn’t much different. That’s why the Read on! →

In a move that will bring 2,000 jobs to the beleaguered state, construction will resume on the Mississippi Toyota plant in Blue Springs. The Associated Press reports that Toyota’s estimate is that the plant should be fully operational by the fall of 2011. It had originally been slated for completion in 2010, but the recession Read on! →

Despite having a turbulent time of things in the past year, Toyota has reason to smile. The Toyota Corolla, the company’s mid-size sedan, has finally swatted the Ford F-150 aside as the best selling car of all time. Hail to the chief The best selling cars of all time are rarely the most exciting. Instead, Read on! →