In the past, biodiesel users were a small fringe group. Biodiesel, however, is now big business, with the challenges that many big businesses face. Tyson foods getting into biodiesel The U.S. meat market creates hundreds of millions of pounds per year of waste product. These products, however, are proving a very effective source of raw Read on! →

Biodiesel fuel is an arguably more environmentally friendly alternative to the “petrodiesel” most diesel cars run on. Some forms of biodiesel are already manufactured and sold commercially in the United States, while others are do-it-yourself specials. Is biodiesel a legitimate alternative to petrodiesel, or should you keep the vegetable oil out of your gas tank? Read on! →

Diesel cars are not typically thought to be as fast as their petrol counterparts. However, a team of students from Boise State University in Idaho are trying to get their biodiesel-powered S-10 to hit 215 miles per hour. New record In November 2011, according to Slashgear, a team of students from Boise State University in Read on! →