Who Uses An Auto Refinance Loan?

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More People Than You Realize

Who uses an auto refinance loan? Anyone, whether you have buyer's remorse or are simply a stickler for following every change the Fed makes… (Photo: flickr.com)

Who uses an auto refinance loan? Anyone, whether you have buyer's remorse or are simply a stickler for following every change the Fed makes… (Photo: flickr.com)

If you have an outstanding auto loan and are not satisfied with the interest rate you’re paying, it seems like a natural step if your FICO score is above 600 to attempt to refinance your vehicle. If it doesn’t to you, it should.

Considering that online auto refinancing is an option today that hadn’t previously been available, there’s little excuse not to explore the option. Honestly, who among us would pass up the opportunity to save money from the comforts of home and opt to try to work out an auto refinance loan with a dealership? They’re a middleman in the whole operation, so they want to ensure that their own profits from the lenders are jeopardized. That isn’t dishonest; it’s the way America does business.

Car Deal Expert Can Help Anyone Save

Even if your credit makes it difficult for you to apply for a loan, Car Deal Expert can help you pre-qualify for an auto refinance loan. If you still aren’t convinced that this is for you – as if lowering your interest rate weren’t enough incentive – take a look at the following “profiles of an auto refinance loan shoppers”…

Penny Pincher

Penny wastes no opportunity to save money. When it comes to loans, she always has her eye on what the Fed is doing with interest rates. Once those drop, she knows that better deals on auto refinance loans are waiting to be had. She also monitors her FICO score on a regular basis, so she knows when her credit improves, making even better auto refinance loan rates available. If Penny likes the way the wind is blowing, Car Deal Expert can help her pre-qualify for an auto refinance loan.

Roger Remorse

Roger thought he had done his due diligence when it came to researching the best rate he could obtain for an auto refinance loan. He checked rates and compared lenders until he was bleary-eyed. Unfortunately, Roger is never fully able to trust that he’s done the best he can. And who knows? As rates and credit ratings change, perhaps better options become available. Car Deal Expert can be Roger’s eyes and ears when it comes to finding auto refinance lenders with the best rates for his credit situation.

Billy Budget

Let’s say Billy has mapped out an exact window in which he can pay off his original auto loan. Since that window is very short-term, the monthly payments are high. That’s fine if it fits into the budget, but what if a major change occurs in Billy’s income or debt load? If he buys a house, those high monthly auto loan payments won’t look as good. This is one of many situations where Car Deal Expert recommends that a person like Billy consider applying to pre-qualify for an auto refinance loan.

Louie Lessor

Louie was leasing his vehicle, and now he wants to keep it at the end of that lease. He knows the car and wants to perform a buyout. In such a situation, Car Deal Expert definitely recommends pursuing the best interest rate possible. Pre-qualifying for an auto refinance loan can help you get there.

Do Any of Those Sound Like You?

It doesn’t take much imagination to see that most of us would fall into one of those four categories. Auto refinance can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, so if your credit score is over 600, Car Deal Expert recommends giving it a try. It’s free to apply for pre-qualification and only takes a few minutes to fill out the online form. If you have questions or need help, we’re happy to assist you.

And If You’re Wondering About Lenders…

Car Deal Expert works with all kinds. On your behalf – and free of charge – we can search through the network to find the best auto refinance lender for your situation. You’ve nothing to lose and money to gain in savings!

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