New Customer – Focused Automotive Site Provides Novel Car Buying Solution

Posted by is a new website providing a novel approach to help both consumers save money, and car dealerships obtain more customers who are ready to buy.  Utilizing a new viral social media approach to marketing, potential car buyers who already have a pretty good idea of what it is they wish to purchase can save even more money by referring friends through a social application: the more friends you refer, the more money you save.  The dealerships love it as it brings in buyers as opposed to tire-kickers, and the customers love it as it helps them get an even better deal simply by word-of-mouth marketing.

Some of the dealerships participating in this novel approach to matching customers to cars include:

“It’s a great idea”, stated one potential customer, “as I can help my friends save money, and I save money, and the more people I help save money, the more money I save myself – you have gotta like that!”  Indeed, seeing the rapid growth of the web site in what is an extremely competitive industry, it is safe to say that both dealerships and customers will be visiting – and bookmarking – the site on a regular and growing basis.


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