Black Friday the biggest car shopping day of the year

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The day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, is known as “Black Friday.” But perhaps this year, instead of standing in line for hours to get an electric razor or smartphone at a discount,  you could get a sweet deal on some new wheels.

Deals on Holiday wheels

We can’t guarantee that you won’t have to fight crowds. Other car shoppers will likely be taking advantage of the savings as well.  According to TrueCar’s CEO Scott Painter, Black Friday is “the biggest savings day of the year for car buyers.”

Shoppers can look forward to an average of 10 percent, and as much as 23 percent, off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price at many dealerships on Nov. 25.

Jesse Toprak of TrueCar said:

“Dealerships offer significant discounts on Black Friday. It’s an atypical day to purchase a car since consumers think of retail shopping, but buying a new vehicle on Black Friday can often lead to big savings.”

End of month, end of year

Black Friday falls close to the end of the month and the end of the year. Those are two big reasons dealers are eager to clear out their showrooms on Black Friday. Month-end quotas have to be met, and the old stock needs to be cleared away to make room for the new year’s models.

Luring buyers to showrooms

Many dealerships are beefing up ads to let shoppers know that Black Friday is about major purchases, too. According to Consumersearch, one New York-based Honda dealership in 2009 sent cyclists in gorilla suits and sandwich boards to parade their deals outside of the local crowded box stores.

Best deals in 2011

According to TrueCar, the Mitsubishi Endeavors will be the sweetest deal going. Its price will be dropped by 23.3 percent at many dealerships. That brings the final cost down to $22,334.

You can also expect to find Chevy Silverados reduced by 21.9 percent. Ford, looking to clear out its old models to make way for the redesigned 2012 crop, will be offering a 13.5 percent discount on Escapes. Chrysler 200 cars will get a 16.5 percent discount, and the Nissan Maxima can be had for 14.9 percent off of the MSRP.

Those are just a few of the deals you will find on Nov. 25. Happy shopping.


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