The top fictional cars of all time (Pt. 1)

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The iconic orange 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee from the TV series “Dukes of Hazard.”

The General Lee is one of the most iconic fictional cars of all time. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Erik814u2/Wikipedia)

Everyone with a hankering for four wheels has a dream car, but not everyone is willing to settle for the vehicles available at the local auto dealer. Here are some of the top fictional cars from film, television and video games. Dream on and imagine yourself as Batman, Master Chief, James Bond or even David Hasselhoff, if you must. These fictional cars have stood the test of time and captured our imagination.

Top fictional cars No. 1 – Herbie the Love Bug

A popular Volkswagen Beetle racer from a series of old Disney films, Herbie had a playful mind of his own. Whether Fred MacMurray or Buddy Hackett are behind the wheel, or Herbie is going it solo, hijinks were always in order as this bug with pep blew the doors off a field of super cars or the lid off the latest caper.

Top fictional cars No. 2 – Bumblebee

Given new life by the series of Michael Bay “Transformers” films, Bumblebee was also transformed from mini-car to souped up Chevy Camaro. However, the neon yellow coloration remained front and center. In Bay’s world, however, Bumblebee plays the role of stalwart warrior, rather than the tiny scout of the original Transformers cartoon.

Top fictional cars No. 3 – Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is a wide-eyed NASCAR racer from the popular Pixar film “Cars.” Complete with catch-phrase “Ka-chow!” and speed to burn, Lightning has led a massive marketing campaign of children’s toys. Unfortunately, unlike most Pixar protagonists, Lightning lacked something in the area of character depth, even if he did learn to be slightly more humble.

Top fictional cars No. 4 – Canyonero

A truck with four-wheel drive that smells like steak and seats 35 – or so the sales brochure claims – the Canyonero is a send-up of classic American waste and excess. Is it any wonder that it appeared on “The Simpsons?”

Top fictional cars No. 5 – RC from ‘Toy Story’

This remote-controlled toy buggy with rocket-assist helped Woody and Buzz save the day in the first “Toy Story.” A toy that’s able to keep up with a real moving truck has big-time heart.

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Top fictional cars No. 6 – The Adobe

You’ve heard of the bargain basement Yugo. But have you tried the $175 Adobe? This Saturday Night Live spoof is a Mexican import made almost entirely out of clay. The seats mold to your butt, and if you get into a wreck and you actually survive, you can mold the body back into shape with your hands. ¡Olé!

Top fictional cars No. 7 – Eagle 5 from ‘Spaceballs’

Take the Millennium Falcon from the “Star Wars” saga, then filter it through the lens of Mel Brooks’ slapstick, and you have a mobile home with wings. Eagle 5 was not only the fastest RV around, but it was home to Lone Star (Bill Pullman) and Barf (John Candy). It’s the kind of dog dish American humor fans of Brooks have come to expect.

Top fictional cars No. 8 – The Shag’n Wag’n from ‘Dumb and Dumber’

While most sane people would advise that you forget everything about the Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels vehicle “Dumb and Dumber,” there’s one vehicle that will forever live in infamy. It’s the Shag’n Wag’n, a hairy sheepdog of a car that Harry and Lloyd use for their pet grooming business.’

Top fictional cars No. 9 – Spinner from ‘Blade Runner’

One of the greatest science fiction films ever made provided us not only with a dystopian view of the future in which cyborgs run from fascist human police forces, but with the vertically propelled hover car Spinner. The appeal of this airborne car was helped in no small way by the fact that the star of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” and frequent Spinner driver was handsome mega-star Harrison Ford.

Top fictional cars No. 10 – Lexus 2054 Concept from ‘Minority Report’

Here’s a case where an automaker (Lexus) was commissioned to make a vehicle that is the embodiment of future cool. Director Steven Spielberg asked Lexus to make a car that wouldn’t look out of place in 2054, and Lexus was more than up to the task. Rather than go for a Jetsons- or Blade Runner-esque hovercar, Lexus went bubbly and stuck to the roads. Like the precognitive in the film “Minority Report,” Lexus saw the future.

Top fictional cars No. 11 – Fred Flintstone’s car

Talk about retro vehicles. Fred Flintstone’s feet-powered vehicle from the classic cartoon “The Flintstones” was quite practical. In prehistoric times, you certainly won’t be getting there under the power of an internal combustion engine. The tech simply wasn’t there. Watch for rocks, splinters, broken glass and hot tar and you’ll be fine.

Top fictional cars No. 12 – George Jetson’s Aerocar

Hanna-Barbera answered every daily commuter’s fantasy with George Jetson’s Aerocar. His daily commute to Spacely Sprockets didn’t need roads.

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