Rush Limbaugh claims nobody wants the Chevy Volt

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A Chevy Volt concept car on display at an auto show.

A Chevy Volt concept car. (Photo Credit: CC BY/jurvetson/Flickr)

Controversial political talk show host Rush Limbaugh has taken it upon himself to pass judgment on the Chevy Volt, General Motors’ new electric car. According to Politico, Limbaugh claims that the $41,000 price tag is “a steep price to pay for showing you care about the environment.” While auto industry executives call the Volt a “game-changing product,” Limbaugh has criticized the $7,500 tax credit that the Obama administration is offering to those consumers who purchase the vehicle. Limbaugh’s argument is that a game-changing product shouldn’t need a tax incentive to sell.

Chevy Volt: A sign of the auto industry’s revival

The Chevy Volt’s battery-powered ride and gas-powered backup are elements of what White House press secretary Robert Gibbs calls the path to the auto industry’s revival. Considering that both the vehicle and its innovative lithium-ion battery are going to be made in America, the Obama administration could reasonably consider the Chevy Volt a feather in its cap. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Limbaugh would rather criticize the battery

Despite the Volt battery’s outstanding warranty program, Rush Limbaugh has chosen to focus on why the battery only allows the vehicle to travel 40 miles (the gas tank that kicks in afterward grants another 340 miles) and why it takes “three to four hours” to recharge. The battery and the vehicle’s cost prompted Limbaugh to go so far as to cancel scheduled General Motors ads that would have run on his radio program. Or, as he prefers to call the company, “Obama Motors,” referring to the massive taxpayer bailout the automaker received.

‘Expensive ways to promote the environmentalist agenda’

Limbaugh clearly believes that the $41,000 Chevy Volt and the $30,000 Toyota Prius are too expensive. Others might argue that the reduction of emissions is worth it in the long run, and that the technology will gradually become less expensive. Such is the plight of early adopters of any technology. A premium is paid for being first on the block. Admittedly, some consumers will have to wait, but as green cars like the Chevy Volt advance automotive technology, the wait will no doubt be rewarded.

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The Sounds of the Chevy Volt

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