Gan Lulu shows off curves at Beijing International, men lose their minds

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Chinese would-be car show model Gan Lulu.

Car show model Gan Lulu's name literally translates to “all stripped.” (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/BlackE90/BMW Club Malaysia)

It’s no secret that sex sells, and that sex has been used to sell automobiles for a long time. This includes using car show models to show off the sexiest new releases that automakers have to offer. But sometimes, the sizzle gets more attention than the steak. Such is the case with Gan Lulu, the Chinese would-be car show model who stole the show at the recent 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The Chinese media had more to say about the reality show-caliber personality’s relative lack of clothing than about unveiled new car models.

Nearly naked Lulu

Gan Lulu, a 27-year-old aspiring actress from Xinyang in China’s Henan province, appears to be an example of a woman who is trying too hard to hard to be sexy, at least according to the Chinese media. Her “negative social impact” has supposedly darkened the door of one too many car shows, yet the public salivates for more. While high-minded individuals scoffed at her mother’s controversial decision to post a video of her daughter online to attract a marriage mate, or guffawed at their appearance on a Jerry Springer-esque Chinese talk show that literally came to blows, viewers have paid attention. They’ve paid enough attention that the nearly naked Gan Lulu is now a popular television personality.

The ‘poor taste’ that keeps them coming back

The sentiments of comments on Chinese media blogs regarding Gan Lulu can perhaps be summed up best by the following male reader’s words:

“Gan Lulu became popular through the auto show. Just looking at the pictures shows that she merely uses her erotic edge, but there’s no personal character or real sex appeal about her at all. Merely taking all your clothes off is not equal to being sexy, no wonder you’re called Gan Lulu (literally meaning ‘all stripped’).”

A reporter for China Central Television reporter found another slack-jawed onlooker who wondered whether the 2012 Beijing Auto Show was “a car exhibition or a steamy showcase of flesh,” bereft of “any sense of morality or shame.”

Daddy loves his cars and the servants who wax them

The hypocrisy of it all is obvious. Even with less clothing than car show models 20 to 30 years before, Gan Lulu is nothing new. Commercialism is not concerned with morality or anything else beyond profit. Studies have shown that when human beings become sexually aroused, inhibitions are generally lower. Advertising is all about tearing down a consumer’s resistance to the purchase. Using sex to get into a consumer’s wallet is a time- and science-honored tradition, and no amount of half-hearted caterwauling on the part of “morally outraged” patriarchal Chinese men can hide the fact that they Gan Lulu turns them on at the same time that she supposedly disgusts them.

A recent university report entitled “A Peep at Pornography Web in China” suggests that young people are learning more about sexuality from pornography websites than from their families or schools, which means that the patriarchy won’t stop being prudish admit that they think the Gan Lulus of the world are hot any time soon.

Put down the symphorophilia and nobody gets hurt

When it comes to sex and cars, it could be much worse than Gan Lulu draped across the hood of a new car with practically nothing covering her breasts or Brazilian-waxed vaginal resort. According to psychologist and college professor Dr. Mark Griffiths, there are at least three known subsets of human sexual behavior that meld sex and cars. Mechanophilia (aka mechasexuality) involves being aroused by cars or machines. Amomaxia involves sexual arousal derived from having intercourse inside a parked car.

Then there’s something darker called symphorophilia. Immortalized by the 1973 novel “Crash” by British author J.G. Ballard (and subsequently adapted for film in 1996 by Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg), symphorophilia involves sexual arousal derived from either witnessing or staging horrific accidents, frequently involving cars. People have intentionally mangled their own bodies and the bodies of others in order to achieve sexual release.

If someone finds Gan Lulu sitting on a car to be objectionable, they should grow up.

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