Driving too slowly is the devil’s milk (Pt. 1)

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Drawing of a driver paying more attention to peeling a banana than to the road in front of him. He's evil.

Distracted driving honors Satan just as much as driving too slowly. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Mike Kline/Flickr)

Treating the highway like your personal drag strip fits the definition of reckless driving. The reverse can be just as bad, however, as driving too slowly amounts to unsafe driving. Rather than creating a spirit-grinding traffic jam during your slow ride, do the rest of us a solid and trade in that Sunday drive for the safety of those around you. If you won’t, we’ll have to employ these tactics to avoid the roadway hazard your obliviousness constitutes.

Driving too slowly – When caution equals danger

If a driver is not physically or mentally equipped to operate a motor vehicle safely, they shouldn’t get behind the wheel. If a driver cannot see the road well enough, react quickly enough to changing roadway conditions or handle the emotional aspects of driving well enough, they are threatening the lives of themselves and others.

Slow driving is often used to compensate for one of the above traits, and it’s a killer. Other drivers are forced to pass on the right when a slow driver lingers in the left-hand lane. This can cause confusion and disorganization on the highway, particularly near on-ramps. Confusion and disorganization increases the chance of sideswipes and collisions occurring.

Slow driving in residential neighborhoods can also be dangerous. Let’s say you’ve turned a corner and quickly caught up to a slow-moving car that was previously hidden from view. If you bump that car, a chain reaction can occur that might do more damage than a few fender scratches. Property damage in someone’s yard, road rage, contusions, whiplash and even injured children who were in the wrong place at the wrong time are all potential negatives. Everyone else has to remain on high alert when those driving too slowly feel compelled to showcase their lack of consideration for others.

Driving too slowly – The reason for minimum speed limits

Perpetual Sunday drivers may try to ruin things for the rest of us, but in some areas, the law is definitely on our side. Some roadways in New York have a posted minimum speed limit, and the starting fine is $195. That’s more than some speeding tickets, notes Esurance. In states like California, if you’re driving on a two-lane road and there’s a backup of five or more vehicles, you’re required by law to pull into a turnout to let the traffic jam escape. Anything less creates dangerous roadway conditions.

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Driving too slowly – The culprits you’ll encounter

Conscientious, capable drivers, know thine enemy.

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