Auto parts to avoid at all costs

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A fuzzy sheep-like steering wheel cover

Please, spare us your bleating when it comes to auto part selection. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Reporter666/Wikipedia)

Don’t put bad or superfluous parts into or on your automotive. Not only is it vehicular abuse, it wastes your money. Here are some auto parts to avoid at your local auto parts store.

Don’t get stuck with badges and decals

If you aren’t driving a hot sports car or luxury sedan, don’t waste your money attempting to fool anyone by affixing a stick-on badge. That would not be an homage to the brand, but a homage to your lack of taste. Same thing holds true for stick-on sunroofs. Also, don’t add fake bullet holes or flame decals. You aren’t a gangster, and if you must go with flames, have them painted on.

Hands off the steering wheel cover

If summer heat is causing the steering wheel to melt your palm flesh, wear driving gloves like Ryan Gosling in “Drive.” Don’t buy a steering wheel cover. They’re ugly and pretentious.

Avoid aluminum valve cap fusion

The valve caps on your tires are plastic for a reason, notes one Jalopnik reader. As valve stems are generally made of brass, having caps made of aluminum causes a galvanic reaction in humid climates.

Think of what happens to copper refrigerator piping when it comes into contact with aluminum. In the case of your tires, the aluminum will become almost welded on, thanks to oxidation. If you have to force the caps off, you can damage the valve stem, which causes a flat in a few hours.

Truck Nutz – Don’t strap on a pair

Truck balls or Truck Nutz seem like a novelty automotive product, but many of the truck owners who hang them from their trailer hitch take themselves quite seriously. Don’t waste your money.

Chrome fittings look cheap

Think that shiny chrome is going to make people think you’re something? Chrome trim, door guards, window frames, headlight surrounds – none of it matters. In the minds of many right-thinking individuals, chrome looks cheap and tawdry, like caked-on clown makeup or too many gold chains.

Fly away from wiper wings

Back in the 1980s, at least one bad idea hatched. By adding spoilers to windshield wipers, downforce would supposedly be increased, pressing the blades to the glass to increase the vehicle’s aerodynamic form. It was a fad, not useful science.

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