Rising gas prices are seen by some as an ill-timed threat to U.S. automakers just as the industry appears to have recovered from the recession. Shortly after U.S. automakers reported double-digit sales gains for February, gas prices rose 22 percent higher than the same time a year before. But analysts suggest that the U.S. auto Read on! →

Car Deal Expert reported Thursday that GM had once again overtaken Toyota as the world’s largest automaker. However, Volkswagen is crying foul, saying its numbers are not all in, and that it intends to steal the crown for itself. GM top dog for nearly 80 years GM held the top annual spot for vehicles sold Read on! →

If you are a student, make sure you don’t leave that fact out when you apply for an online auto loan. Not all lenders give discounts to students, but some do, so if you are in college make sure you tell that to your lender. If you can provide proof that you are in school, Read on! →

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have been using the latest technology to detect and stop speeders for years. Now the technology is catching up to drivers trying to avoid tickets. The free app Trapster notifies users of impending road hazards and speed traps. Recently, Trapster, in conjunction with CNBC, released its list of the Read on! →

Eventually, everything shows up on eBay, including Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s assisted suicide van. But this time, eBay is drawing the line, reports the Associated Press. The online auction site has classified the auction listing as “murderabilia” and canceled the listing. Retired auto parts dealer Jack Finn, who owns the 1968 Volkswagen van, was understandably upset. Read on! →

A significant element of the “brain” of a car engine, the timing belt (aka cam belt), controls your vehicle’s valve timing. The timing belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, which controls the opening and closing of valves necessary during the internal combustion process. On some engines, it may also turn the water pump. According Read on! →

Police in Scottsdale, Ariz. have a man in custody who went on a carjacking spree totally naked Friday, leaving multiple injuries and collisions in his wake. Carjacking spree According to Sgt. Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police, John Brigham, 45, was involved in a collision at about 1:30 PM. Most motorists would exchange insurance information Read on! →

Toyota Motor Corp., Duke Energy Corp. and the not-for-profit Energy Systems Network are collaborating in Indiana on a pilot program to test standards for plug-in vehicles and charging stations that communicate with the power grid. Toyota team-up seeks to answer questions How will power companies assess charges for a future infrastructure supporting electric and plug-in Read on! →

June 3, Ford Motor Company announced that by the end of 2010, the company stop manufacturing Mercury brand vehicles. Mercury was first introduced in 1939 as a mid-level brand. Facing a potential billion-dollar price tag to maintain the brand, though, Ford has opted to simply cut the Mercury brand from its offerings. The history of Read on! →

Nearly every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter has said something about reducing dependence on foreign oil for fuel. A novel idea was brought up, which was to power cars with ethanol instead of gasoline. Over the last few years, gas suppliers have been mixing gasoline and ethanol, in a solution called E10, or 10 percent Read on! →