“He was for it before he was against it” is a particularly annoying form of political theater that we’ve heard way too many times in recent years. For Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the catchphrase definitely applies. According to the congressional record, Ryan voted in 2008 to support the auto bailouts Read on! →

Legendary race car driver A.J. Foyt, four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, wants to put Chase Austin in the driver’s seat next year at the nation’s largest racing event. Choosing Chase Austin Foyt, 77, made the announcement last week at the Honda Indy 200 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington. Should he qualify, Read on! →

Alfa Romeo is going to be making it’s full return to the United States after a long absence, though parts of one already are here as the Dodge Dart. One of the first is going to be the 4C roadster, and an Alfa Romeo 4C convertible to follow with it. Alfa Romeo 4C convertible to Read on! →

The Chevrolet Volt is a technical marvel, as it has dual power trains and can run on electric and gas-powered propulsion. However, the main drawback is the limited Chevy Volt range on electric power only, which General Motors thinks it might have solved soon. Chevy Volt range aside, plug-in hybrids show promise As far as Read on! →

In an expansion of an earlier recall effort in Canada, reported here on Car Deal Expert, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced the U.S. recall of a small number of 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric subcompact hatchbacks — a.k.a. the Mitsubishi i. The recall is over the deployment of the curtain and side impact Read on! →

When shopping for used cars, one has to be careful about all sorts of things. Not only could recall repairs not have been done, one also has to be aware of previously wrecked cars and the dangers they could pose. Number of previously wrecked cars on the road is unknown Many used cars are perfectly Read on! →

The Supreme Court of New Jersey Monday unanimously upheld a controversial law that requires young drivers to affix a red sticker to their license plates, identifying their restricted driving status to law enforcement at a glance. Red sticker and ‘Kyleigh’s Law’ It is commonly called “Kyleigh’s Law” in the Garden State, and it requires drivers Read on! →

A few people might have noticed that some newer cars are said to be using the “Atkinson cycle,” especially on hybrids. The principle characteristic of the Atkinson cycle is completing all four “strokes” of an engine cycle with one turn of the crankshaft, which is more efficient. Atkinson cycle has nothing to do with carbs Read on! →

Natural gas is an attractive alternative for both energy production and also for transportation, as it offers some benefits over gasoline. For starters, it’s cleaner, and is also much cheaper, as natural gas savings for motorists could really add up. Economic natural gas savings can really add up Like it or not, the gasoline engine Read on! →

The biggest obstacle to Saab being rescued in the past few years has been its former owner, General Motors. As a result, Saab’s current parent company, Spyker, has slapped GM with a $3 billion lawsuit for allegedly sabotaging a deal which would have saved the company. Spyker files suit over continuing drama Despite being in Read on! →