The new season of “The Walking Dead” began this week and Halloween is right around the corner. That makes it a great time to revisit Robert Kirkman’s Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine. Never mind that it was unveiled over the summer. Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine unveiled A Hyundai Elantra may not seem at Read on! →

According to Automotive news, Toyota was alerted to an issue in 2008 that ultimately prompted the recall of 7.43 million Toyota and Scion vehicles around the world four years later. Some are questioning why the automaker waited so long. The reputation of Toyota? The sales and reputation of Toyota were finally rebounding after the massive Read on! →

Pizza delivery drivers have a harder job than some might think. Aside from having to provide their own vehicle and not getting reimbursed much for gas or maintenance, there is also a moderate risk of pizza delivery robbery. Stun gun used in Florida pizza delivery robbery People who labor in “unskilled” trades are sort of Read on! →

Toyota is recalling 7.5 million cars globally, and 2.5 million in the U.S. The recall is over a failed master switch that could cause a fire in the driver’s side door. Toyota recall largest since 2010 The massive recall is the automaker’s largest since those in 2009 and 2010 over unintended accelerations. And it could Read on! →

Not many motorists are fond of red-light cameras — the law-enforcement devices that snap a picture of you and your license plate if you are caught in an intersection when the light turns red. Many feel the devices are more about raising municipal revenues than they are about making the streets safer. With those disgruntled Read on! →

Gas prices are up and, unlike most bumpkins who forget to account for it, it is darn expensive even accounting for inflation. Honda is capitalizing on it by offering an incentive, namely that anyone who buys a Civic Natural Gas gets a $3,000 gas card for Clean Energy CNG stations. Free gas on Honda with Read on! →

Driving too slowly can tear a whole in the emotional space time continuum. If can also ruin an innocent person’s day. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Roadway hazard No. 1 – The distracted texter Distracted driving has increased significantly with the rise of the cellular phone and today’s smartphone. There Read on! →

Treating the highway like your personal drag strip fits the definition of reckless driving. The reverse can be just as bad, however, as driving too slowly amounts to unsafe driving. Rather than creating a spirit-grinding traffic jam during your slow ride, do the rest of us a solid and trade in that Sunday drive for Read on! →

The city of Atlanta, Ga., was recently going to re-name a street in honor of Ferdinand Porsche. The street currently dubbed Henry Ford II Avenue was set to become Ferdinand Porsche Avenue, but it has been canceled as the city has wisely decided not to honor the chief car designer to the Nazis. Atlanta says Read on! →

According to a blog post and an infographic, the growing epidemic of obese motorists in America may be cutting into the efforts of automakers to reduce the weight of passenger vehicles, and therefore to increase the miles per gallon of fuel. Obese motorists lower fuel efficiency To meet future emissions standards set by the federal Read on! →