The federal government has been urging automakers for years to craft alternative drive train vehicles, especially cheaper electric cars. However, they are also cognizant of the high cost, as Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy, recently gave a speech imploring car makers to come up with cost-effective electric cars. New initiative aimed at conquering opportunity Read on! →

General Motors has announced a recall for the Chevrolet Cruze from the 2011 and 2012 model years, comprising more than 475,000 vehicles. The issue is the engine shield located underneath the engine bay, which can trap combustible liquids and poses a risk of fire. Situation is fluid A Chevrolet Cruze recall has been initiated by Read on! →

According to AOL Autos, a car is stolen every 33 seconds in the U.S. And nine out of ten of the worst cites for car thieves, according to a recent Forbes report, are on the west coast. Calif. and Wash. fared worst The Forbes study compared the number of car thefts per populations of 100,000. Read on! →

General Motors has announced plans for a $1 billion-plus expansion of its automotive production plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. The five-year project will reportedly boost production from 98,000 annually all the way up to 230,000. Ground on the project was reportedly broken today. ‘A new era in Russia’ As many as 4,000 additional jobs will Read on! →

As part of an international, three-year automotive engineering contest, students from Michigan’s Wayne State University are getting a crack at re-designing the 2013 Chevy Malibu to be more eco-friendly, reports the Detroit Free Press. The Detroit-based school is the only state institution involved in the EcoCAR2 contest, as well as one of only 13 American Read on! →

In the eternal debate over the carrot or the stick, it turns out that sometimes the carrot is much better. A recent study found that paying drivers not to speed works better at reducing speeding infractions than the threat of tickets. Positive incentives Incentives generally are either positive or negative, or in other words, people Read on! →

The e-bike market has exploded in recent years, from conversion kits to ready-made models. The Ridekick company takes it one step further by allowing your bike to interchange between motorized and manual pedal models in minutes. Gives your bike a push Ridekick Technologies, founded in 2009 in Fort Collins, Colo., recently introduced its Ridekick electric Read on! →

Rising fuel costs and increased fuel economy regulations will see a rise in the sales of fuel efficient vehicles worldwide. That is a given. A Pike Marketing report predicts, however, that the sales of clean diesel vehicles will also rise, to become about 12.4 percent of the world’s light-duty vehicle market. That will be true even Read on! →

Many car fans dream of attending certain events or going to certain locations that are the pinnacle of motoring, like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix and so forth. However, not everyone can realistically afford dream destinations, but there are some gearhead vacations for those on a budget. Getting to gearhead Read on! →