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At CarDealExpert, we don’t even look at your credit score. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply, and approval rates are higher than they’ve ever been. Special programs are being pushed to help the economy, and they can also help you!

Your Chances Are So Much Better When You Apply Online

It’s hard to imagine walking around to several hundred car dealers, banks, or auto loan and finance companies. Yet that is what you’d have to do, to match what we can do for you in just a couple of minutes. We process applications instantly, and you’ll hear the good news in just minutes!

Applying On Line Is Your Best Decision

When you apply with us, rest assured, your information is safe and protected. We use state of the art 256 SSL Encryption, which means not even government supercomputers could see your personal information. Applying online is both the safe thing and the smart thing. Apply today!

New cars are rarely affordable without new car loans

Let’s face it, no matter what financial advice columnists may say, it is hard to come up with the cash it takes to buy a new car, and a loan is an indispensible part of the purchase. At Car Deal Expert, it’s easy to get a new car loan without leaving your home or office. It’s a no-hassle experience from start to finish. Our free, no obligation Application just takes minutes to complete and your information is secure. Apply Now!

The importance of a new auto loan

Understandably, shoppers tend to focus on the vehicle without thinking about the loan. For many, the loan is almost an after-thought. When it finally comes down to looking at the loan, the monthly payment is their only concern.

A lower monthly payment doesn’t necessarily make a vehicle less expensive. There’s much more to a new car loan than the payment amount, but comparing loans and making sure you get the best one is tedious and boring compared to learning about the latest new-car features.

The ease of getting a new auto loan

We connect you with a Car Deal Expert’s reputable lender partners, auto dealers and others offering the most favorable terms, based on your individual circumstances. Apply Now!

The problem with extra-long terms for new auto loans

Because cars have become so expensive, dealers and manufacturers are providing financing with extremely long terms to help boost sales. Today, it is common for new auto loans to have five- and six-year (60- and 72-month) terms, seven-year (84-month) and even a few eight- or nine-year loans. About 82 percent of new car loans today have terms of 60 to 77.9 months.

A longer loan term generally results in a lower monthly payment, and this can be true even if the interest rate is higher than it would be on a shorter loan. But in almost every case, the longer your loan term, the more you actually pay for your car. Apply Now!

Another problem with extra-long new auto loans

Another problem with extra-long new auto loans is that most new-car buyers trade their vehicles in after just three or four years. After three or four years on a seven-year term, the borrower is likely to be upside down on the loan and still owes more than the vehicle is worth. In that situation, the debt is generally rolled into the next new auto loan, and the borrower will have no equity in the vehicle until it is very nearly paid off. Apply Now!

Get preapproved for a new car loan before you shop for a car

There’s no denying the appeal and excitement of buying a brand new car. But before you go shopping, take just a few minutes to get preapproved for a new car loan at Car Deal Expert today!

  • You’ll have more success in your negotiations with the dealer.
  • You’ll be less likely to spend more than you can really afford.
  • You’ll save time and avoid hassle.
  • You’ll save money.

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