Top 10 cities for electric car commuting

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An electric car recharging.

An electric car recharging. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Frank Hebbert/Flickr)

The All Cars Electric suggests that if you’re in the market for an electric car (EV), you should consider living in one of the top 10 cities for electric car commuting. The right mix of modern urban infrastructure – which cuts commuting distances – and geography caters to the relatively limited vehicle range of electric cars.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas has 2.78 million commuters within 50 miles of the city center and 91.5 percent of them drive to work. That demand should drive continued EV-friendly development. Since Texas had already been designated as an EV deployment network, the state is already on its way.

Houston, Texas

Houston boasts a similar infrastructure to Dallas in terms of being EV-friendly. Approximately 2.46 million commuters call Houston home, and around 91 percent use their own car and live within 50 miles of the downtown area. Also like Dallas, numerous highly populated suburbs sit within 50 miles of the downtown core.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit boasts 92.6 percent commuter drivership among its 1.65 million commuters in numerous clustered suburb communities. The commuters are within that magic 50-mile radius.

St. Louis, Missouri

Various suburbs are within the 50-mile zone. And with 1.21 million commuters, 91.2 percent of whom commute via car, St. Louis is yet another EV-friendly super-center among the top 10 cities for electric car commuting.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta may have less than 90 percent of its commuters traveling via their own car, but 87.8 percent is nothing to sneeze at when you’re dealing with 2.21 million people within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta’s downtown matrix.

Miami, Florida

Miami has 2.16 million commuters, and over 88 percent use cars. They also come from a wide range of suburbs.

Phoenix, Arizona

While residential communities many not be close enough to downtown for the liking of some, 88.2 percent of the area’s 1.67 million commuters are driving to work.

Tampa, Florida

Another entry for Florida with around 90 percent of around a million commuters depending upon cars. The 50-mile zone is filled with various suburbs.

Cincinnati, Ohio

The hallmarks exist for the EV here. Ninety-plus percent of nearly 1 million commuters use their own cars.

Sacramento, California

California is definitely an EV hub, and Sacramento under Gov. Schwarzenegger’s leadership is at the center. The city has over 800,000 commuters, and 87.3 percent of whom drive to their jobs. Suburbs are plentiful within the magic zone.


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