Pizza delivery robbery a danger every time a driver delivers pies

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Pizza delivery

Tip the pizzay delivery guy more, as they do a hard job for low pay and at high risk of pizza delivery robbery. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Pizza delivery drivers have a harder job than some might think. Aside from having to provide their own vehicle and not getting reimbursed much for gas or maintenance, there is also a moderate risk of pizza delivery robbery.

Stun gun used in Florida pizza delivery robbery

People who labor in “unskilled” trades are sort of “the Other” to a lot of people. They work as hard, arguably more so, as anyone else, yet don’t get paid much for it. One such trade is a pizza delivery driver. It requires skills of navigation and logistics, finding quicker routes and ordering deliveries to hit multiple addresses in one trip if necessary.

It also doesn’t pay too well. Aside from a base rate of minimum wage or possibly less, they also get pennies on the dollar for gas they have to purchase and aren’t always reimbursed for repairs or maintenance they have to perform or pay for.

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On top of all that, there is also the risk of a pizza delivery robbery to contend with, such as a recent robbery where a man hit a driver with a stun gun and tried to abscond with the pies, according to the Daily Mail.

Rash of pizza pilfering

The incident occurred in Daytona Beach, Fla., and the driver, who works for Papa John’s but his identity isn’t being released by police, received a shock to the stomach while the would-be thief, 19-year-old Christopher Donde Collins, tried to make off with the pizza. He wasn’t successful and was later arrested.
It’s a relatively common crime, as drivers often carry cash, which makes them a target for an easy heist, or a way to illicitly get food, which makes pizza delivery robbery attractive to some thieves.
There have been a number of them lately nationwide.

For instance, in Des Moines, Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register, five pizza delivery robberies have been reported in the past two weeks. Some other incidents recorded only for Oct. 11, 2012 include armed pizza delivery holdups in Rome, Ga., according to the Rome News-Tribune, Crafton Heights, Pa., according to WXPI, a Pittsburgh NBC affiliate, as well as one of the five robberies reported by the Des Moines Register.

Sometimes they hit back

Most of the time, thieves in a pizza delivery robbery make off with a small amount of money, no more than a few hundred dollars, and the pizza. However, sometimes the driver will fight back. For instance, in July of this year, a Padova’s Pizza delivery driver in Columbus, Ohio, according to 10TV News, a Columbus CBS affiliate, was held up at gunpoint by two armed robbers, but instead of handing over the pies, he drew a pistol and exchanged gunfire with the thieves. One of the robbers was hit three times. The driver was licensed to carry.

The Wikipedia entry on pizza delivery cites several no longer available sources, but some pizza chains have forbidden or even fired drivers for carrying a gun or defending themselves against attackers. Usually, businesses forbid it out of potentially facing liability for damages to the robber. That’s a lot to put up with for barely enough pay to raise a down payment for car loan.


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