Man folds 137 dollar bills into origami pigs to pay parking tickets

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Origami pig

A viral video shows a man who tries paying a traffic fine with $137 of origami pigs. Photo Credit: Methodshop/Flickr/CC-BY-SA

A Texas man, whose name is unknown but goes by the handle “Bacon Moose” on YouTube, decided to try to get a modicum of revenge for a traffic fine. He folded $137, in $1 bills, into origami pigs, put them in donut boxes and tried to pay the fine with them.

Dropping off origami pigs shows some serious chutzpah

Nobody likes traffic fines. Granted, a person should probably not break the law, since not breaking the law leads to not getting fined and also not going to jail. Fines and jail are bad. However, Byzantine and constantly-changing laws don’t always make it easy to follow the law at all times.

Technological solutions, such as red light cameras and speed cameras, though, make it appear at times that law enforcement is out ding motorists at every opportunity possible. Since the state makes money from fines, it is impossible to decouple a profit motive from it and people resent it.

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Occasionally, someone will try to get a bit of revenge or at least display their displeasure. One man, according to the Daily Mail, decided to protest a traffic fine recently by folding the amount of the fine into origami pigs.

Dropped them off in donut boxes

Aside from folding the money into origami pigs, which the man took to a police station, he also, naturally, put the 137 origami pigs into two Dunkin’ Donuts boxes. The man took a video of it, which naturally went viral. His name or the offense isn’t named, but goes by the username “Bacon Moose” on YouTube.

He lives in Jersey Village, Texas, according to AutoBlog, a suburb of Houston, Texas. The ticket is not, reportedly, for a moving violation, but he has referred to the area as a “money trap” for “cops and red light cameras” and “decided to pay in an appropriate manner,” according to ABC.

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The clerk refused to take the “pigs” and a police officer ordered him to unfold the bills. After spending four hours making them, it took only minutes. However, the clerk and officer took it well, saying “little piggies in a donut box; I get it” and that “I will give you props, you’ve made me laugh for the day.”

Odd methods of payments

Origami pigs are pretty novel. Usually, when people get cute about paying parking tickets, it’s usually people paying parking tickets with pennies. Some courts will take them, others won’t.

For instance, according to Daily Finance, a man in New Jersey in 2008 took $56 in pennies, 112 rolls, to the courthouse to pay his fines. The court refused the pennies and then threw him in jail for non-payment of fines, forcing him to come up with another $90 for bail.

Across the pond, a court in Gloucester, England, accepted 350 pounds (about $568) in pennies from a woman in 2008. Susan Catcheside, a 74-year-old retired secretary, felt she had been ticketed unfairly, losing her appeal against the fine, telling reporters that if she was to pay the fine, “I will jolly well make them work for it.”

Bacon your pardon, but here is a video


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