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The High Gear Media logo affixed to a close-up of the steering wheel of a classic car.

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Do you find yourself craving the latest automotive news? If you’re like me, one website can’t satisfy. But when you have the power of seven professional automotive news and information websites working together, it’s like a seven-course meal. That’s what the High Gear Media network brings to the table for both gear-heads and casual automotive fans.

Premium, engaging content in High Gear

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., the High Gear Media vertical media company aggregates premium content from its family of automotive websites. Its experienced, professional auto industry journalists contribute to some of the Web’s fastest-growing automotive websites. The expert editorial staff and contributors have written for nationally known publications such as Car and Driver, AutoWeek, Automobile Magazine, Discovery News, NASCAR.com, SpeedTV and Wired. Currently, their work reaches more than 3.5 million users per month.

A top-of-the-line automotive garage

The websites in High Gear Media’s garage include a cross-section of the best the industry has to offer, from the cars that matter to the tips and tricks that can lube the chassis of any full-time gear-head or weekend grease monkey.

  • HighGearMedia.com – The centerpiece of the High Gear Media network. Automotive news, information and opinion come together in a high-octane mix.
  • TheCarConnection.com — The jewel in the High Gear Media crown, Car Connection reviews the top cars in the U.S. market, with an eye toward consumer deals and tips.
  • SocialCarNews.com — An inside look at how online social media like Twitter, Facebook and more have changed the car-buying process for the better by making it more immediate, efficient and convenient.
  • MotorAuthority.com — For the latest on luxury and high-performance vehicles, Motor Authority is the place. Auto show coverage, spy shots and more bring consumers with a taste for the extraordinary beyond the velvet rope.
  • FamilyCarGuide.com — If you’re looking for a safe, high-performing family vehicle that won’t burst your fuel budget, check out Family Car Guide. Reviews and lists galore help you find the kind of vehicles that serve and protect your growing family in style.
  • GreenCarReports.com — Hybrids, electric cars and future alternative fuel developments are the focus of Green Car Reports. The time to move beyond fossil fuels is now; Green Car Reports points out how to get there.
  • AllCarTech.com — Gear-heads who love the latest automotive tech will love All Car Tech. Throw in the latest news on car-related video gaming, and you have all the car tech the futurist in you craves.

Mobile apps for users on the go

In addition to the High Gear Media family of websites, Car Connection and Motor Authority have iPhone apps that go wherever the road takes you. Version 2.0 of the Car Connection app brings users the kind of “under-the-hood” meta-ratings that help you make informed auto purchase decisions. Motor Authority’s app puts the elegance and luxury you expect from MotorAuthority.com in the palm of your hand.

Automotive writers and photographers wanted

If you know your way around the automotive industry, High Gear Media wants to hear from you. Whether you’re a writer, videographer or photographer, the veteran editorial team would like to know more about you. Visit High Gear Media’s website for more information.

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