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Vehicle financing can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly when there are concerns over your data privacy. Gus Johnson Ford of Spokane wants to assure you that when you apply for auto loans online or in person at 8300 E Sprague Ave. in Spokane, Wash., 99212, the only parties who will know about car loans you take are Gus Johnson employees and related third parties who require the information to answer your vehicle financing inquiries and provide you with the products, services and promotions that help maximize the success of your car-buying experience.

Gus Johnson Ford knows about car loans

A Ford “President’s Award” winner for outstanding service and ownership, Gus Johnson Ford is the auto Spokane experience that customers from far and wide have come to crave, particularly when it comes to a seamless, non-invasive vehicle financing process. Gus Johnson’s online credit app is straightforward and easy to complete, putting the customer in touch with a wide variety of auto loan specialists. Fill out the form or call 509-924-1000 and you’ll have a decision in no time.

Even for customers without perfect credit, Gus Johnson will work to help you find the best possible auto finance scenario. Whether it’s no credit or bad credit, auto financing in Spokane is possible on a Gus Johnson new or used Ford car, truck or SUV.

The value of data privacy

Applying for auto loans involves your credit report and other sensitive personal data. As such, some consumers are concerned that their data will be used for unfettered marketing from unwanted channels, or even fall carelessly into the hands of unscrupulous individuals who will commit identity theft.

At Gus Johnson Ford of Spokane, however, a customer’s non-public personal information is protected. Gus Johnson dealerships, affiliated third parties and select non-affiliated third parties that can provide consumers with services related to their automotive purchase are the only ones who access the data.

What data is collected by Gus Johnson Ford during the auto Spokane loan process? Name, address, telephone, email, birth date, social security, annual income, references and employment history are the basics. Information such as transaction history, account balance, payment history and overall creditworthiness are also collected. Email messages are sent to consumers only if requested during the initial auto loan application. The Gus Johnson Ford online application does set a browser cookie to identify the user, but the user always has the option of denying cookie files.

How Gus Johnson helps maintain your data privacy

In order to protect its customers from online data theft, Gus Johnson Ford of Spokane uses top-level encryption schemes to protect your sensitive online application data. More importantly, however, Gus Johnson makes a point of sharing your application data only with parties that improve your vehicle buying and vehicle owning experience. Physical, electronic and employee procedural safeguards are in place to maintain a customer’s data confidentiality outside of the previously defined auto loan application and vehicle ownership experience defined above. Gus Johnson Ford knows about car loans, and knows that its customers appreciate maintaining data privacy.

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