Depend upon the Gus Johnson Ford of Spokane 172-point inspection (Pt. 2)

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Artist's rendition of the Ford logo.

Let Gus Johnson Ford of Spokane, Wash., be your certified pre-owned vehicle source. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Lispir/Wikipedia)

Your certified pre-owned Gus Johnson Ford vehicle (CPO) ranks not only as one of the best used vehicles in all of Spokane but among the best in the nation. That’s how much Gus Johnson believes in its 172-point inspection process. This concludes a look at the inspection process. CLICK HERE if you missed part one of this article.

Complete tire check

Tires are never neglected on a Gus Johnson Ford certified pre-owned vehicle. Size, tread depth, wear, pressure, caps, wheel covers, linkage, boots, control arms, power steering systems and more are all tested to top standards. Similarly, springs, struts, shocks, wheel condition and alignment are all checked before the Gus Johnson CPO seal is assigned. A self-test for all Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes (CMDTC) is also performed.

Stop and go with ease

Gus Johnson Ford CPOs have impeccable braking systems, thanks to the dedication of Gus Johnson’s highly skilled stable of professional technicians.

  • Calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums
  • Brake lines, including hoses and all fittings
  • Parking brake
  • Master cylinder and booster

Under the hood

Engine systems in Gus Johnson Ford CPOs are also top-notch. All automotive system fluids are checked, changed and topped off as needed. Leaks are found and eliminated, and pumps are tested for complete efficiency. Belts and wiring are ensured to be safe and fully operational. Cooling fans, clutches and motors are checked. Cylinder compression, power balance and turbocharging systems are examined, as are engine mounts. Pressure testing, caps, filters and recovery tanks are tested and brought to top standard.

All electrical systems are in top shape in a Gus Johnson Ford CPO, including the starter, ignition, battery, alternator and plugs. In the case of hybrid Ford vehicles, cooling, powertrain, mounts, display screens and outlets are proven fully functional.

Underneath the frame

From transmission and trans-axle to differential and transfer case, Gus Johnson Ford has you covered. No used vehicle will bear the Gus Johnson CPO seal of approval unless all systems pass the test. All exhaust system components are observed for proper function. With 4WD Ford CPOs, proper hub operation is ensured, and all universal and CV joints are tested. Transmission mounts are tested for cracking and abnormal oil presence. Differential and drive axles are also thoroughly examined.

For your convenience

To round out your experience with a Gus Johnson Ford certified pre-owned vehicle, the dealership will ensure that all documentation, keys, remote controls and associated remote control transmitters are present and functioning optimally. With a full tank of gas ready upon initial purpose, you can even drive off the lot with a smile, knowing you won’t have to wait in line at the pump.

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