Famous people who lived in their cars (Pt. 3)

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Tyler Perry.

He makes vile, disgusting films that earn him millions – and he once lived in his car. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/chicagofabulousblog/Flickr)

Here are even more famous people who lived in their cars. Tyler Perry is among them, which almost seems like prescient poetic justice, considering the vile, racist nature of his “entertainment.” I’m sure he’s a nice guy, otherwise. Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 19 – Jim Morrison

“The Lizard King” helmed The Doors rock band during the 1960s, and his suggestive lyrics and stage moves frequently got him in trouble with local authorities, who arrested Morrison on a charge of public indecency. In the spirit of the free-love 1960s, Morrison and band mates often slept with various groupies on rooftops, in cars and under various beach piers in Southern California.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 19 – Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Like many reality show contestants, Murphy had to navigate dark tunnels before experiencing music industry gold. Before Murphy won $1 million on “America’s Got Talent” in 2011, he was 19 and homeless, working as a car washer in West Virginia. He lived in his car before seeking the aid of his sisters in procuring safe accommodations.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 20 – Suze Orman

A best-selling author and famous financial advisor, Suze Orman wasn’t always on top of her financial matters. According to sources, there was a time when Orman worked in Berkeley, Calif., as a tree cutter and lived in a Ford van.

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Famous people who lived in their cars No. 21 – Tyler Perry

Wildly popular, Oprah-approved African-American actor-director-writer-producer of racist, misogynist films of dubious moral fiber, Perry spent a number of years during the mid-1990s living out of his Geo Metro convertible in Atlanta, Ga. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 22 – Sally Jessy Raphael

An Emmy Award-winning TV talk-show host and an author, Sally Jessy Raphael once lived out of car.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 23 – Debbie Reynolds

Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actress-singer Reynolds lost almost everything during her 1973 divorce from Harry Karl. Things weren’t easy then, and they’d get worse. During the 1990s, Reynolds was forced to closer her Las Vegas movie museum and living in her Cadillac.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 24 – Joan Rivers

Comedienne and Emmy Award-winning television talk-show host lived in her car for a while before she made it big in comedy and on the red carpet press chain.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 25 – Col. Sanders

Before Kentucky Fried Chicken (or the less greasy-sounding KFC) was serving up lifeless bird lumps, “Colonel” Harland Sanders lived in a station wagon as he traveled around the U.S. With his wife Claudia. Eventually, he was able to sign up restaurants to use his special fried chicken recipe for a a franchise fee, and the rest is fast food history.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 26 – William Shatner

Once “Star Trek: TOS” came to a close in 1969, William Shatner had a difficult time finding work in television. Until higher-paying jobs rolled in, he lived in a truck bed camper and traveled the summer theater circuit by day.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 27 – Sly Stone

Front man of 1960s band Sly & The Family Stone, Stone lived in a camper van as late as 2011.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 28 – Hilary Swank

An Oscar-winning actress, Swank briefly lived out of an Oldsmobile Delta 88 during her mid-teens, after having moved from Washington to Los Angeles. Swank’s first auditions as an actress were booked by her mother via pay phone.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 29 – Sam Worthington

Star of “Avatar” and the “Clash of the Titans” remake, Worthington was a struggling actor who was living in his car just before he signed on to his role of Jake Sully in “Avatar.” The runaway success of the James Cameron’s environmental sci-fi fantasy will forever connect Worthington with the image of a giant blue alien.



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