Famous people who lived in their cars (Pt. 2)

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Pop singer Jewel.

Jewel lived in a van and showered in fast food restrooms before she became famous. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Yahoo! Blog/Wikipedia)

Homeless celebrities everywhere – what is the world coming to? Here are more famous people who lived in their cars at one point in their lives. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 10 – George Eads

Eads became known as an actor for his role in the popular television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. During the days when he was struggling for commercials and acting jobs, however, Eads lived out of his car on the streets of Los Angeles.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 11 – Tiffany Evans

Before this young singer won the “Star Search” 2003 Grand Champion award in the Junior Vocalist category, Evans lived in a van with her family.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 12 – Doug Ferrari

This 6-foot-5 stand-up comedian cuts an imposing figure in comedy clubs, earning himself the nickname “Dougzilla” as much for his manic stage presence, as well as his physical stature. From 1974 through 1994, however, Ferrari admits that he was rarely sober, with addictions ranging from alcohol to cocaine. For extended stretches of time, he lived either in his car or in homeless shelters around San Francisco, Calif. He was eventually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 13 – Leslie Frederick

A singer-songwriter and author, Frederick lives in and around Detroit, Mich. She has worked extensively as a traveling folk singer at festivals and coffee houses, and she has produced a line of interactive computer media for children. During lean times, she has lived in her Volkswagen van at roadside rest stops.

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Famous people who lived in their cars No. 14 – James Byron Huggins

A best-selling U.S. author who has worked with Christian underground groups to aid persecuted Christians in Eastern Europe, Huggins went so far as to use his life savings to help religious freedom activists in Romania. It was this self-sacrifice that led him to live out of his car.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 15 – Jewel

Pop music superstar Jewel Kilcher lived in a 1979 VW van at age 18, when she was attempting to break into the music business in San Diego. She would use restaurant bathrooms to “shower” and clean her clothing. Her mother, Lenedra Carroll, who worked as Jewel’s manager, lived with her in the van for a time.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 16 – Josiah Leming

A 2008 “American Idol” contestant, singer-songwriter Josiah Leming lived in a Mercury Topaz for a time.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 17 – Lil’ Kim

During her youth, Grammy Award-winning rap star and actress Lil’ Kim lived in a car with her mother. This was before she hit it big.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 18 –Dr. Phil McGraw

As a television pseudo-doctor, Dr. Phil McGraw ostensibly works to help people in need. However, back when he was a teenager, McGraw and his father were needy. A rift in the family led Mr. McGraw and son to live out of the senior McGraw’s car until they could afford to live in a YMCA.

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