Famous people who lived in their cars (Pt. 1)

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Black-and-white photo of comedian Drew Carey at a black-tie event.

Drew Carey lived in his car before hitting it big in comedy. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Cyan Banister/Wikipedia)

Homelessness is a mightily uncomfortable state of being that many have experienced in this difficult economy. Rather than sleeping under a shelter or freeway overpass, some have taken to living in their cars. This has even been true of celebrities, before they were famous. For your voyeuristic/trivial pleasure, here’s a list of famous (and relatively famous) people who lived in their cars, listed alphabetically.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 1 – Matthew Ansara

The son of actress Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Genie” fame, actor Matthew Ansara claimed he was using his parents’ money to attend college. Reports indicate that eventually, Eden and actor husband Michael Ansara discovered that Matthew was actually living on the streets in his and friends’ cars. He used his parents’ the money to party.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 2 – Danny Bonaduce

The former “Partridge Family” child star, radio-show host and regular guest on Tru TV’s “World’s Dumbest” series reportedly lived out of his car just before his radio career in Los Angeles took off. Various reports indicate that Bonaduce struggled with drug addiction.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 3 – Wes Browning

Artist, writer and former university professor Dr. Wes Browning is a humor columnist for the publication Real Change. During lean times, Browning lived in cars, on couches and on the floor of his friend’s kitchen.

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Famous people who lived in their cars No. 4 – Drew Carey

Emmy Award-nominated actor-writer-producer-comedian Carey made a name for himself in standup comedy before starring in “The Drew Carey Show,” “Whose Line is It, Anyway?” and “The Price is Right.” During the early days of his career, Carey desperately wanted to secure an appearance on “The Tonight Show” when Johnny Carson was still the host. After nearly two years of living in his car as a working comedian, things began to break Carey’s way.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 5 – Jim Carrey

Like most working comedians, Jim Carrey’s path to fame wasn’t easy. Even before he worked his way up the comedy circuit as a teenager, Carrey’s family lived in a Volkswagen camper in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. Each member of the family took night janitorial jobs in order to earn money.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 6 – Kelly Clarkson

A Grammy Award-winning pop singer and “American Idol” season 1 winner, Clarkson and actress-singer-dancer roommate Janet Harvick were forced to evacuate their West Hollywood apartment in March 2002 due to a structural fire. Before

Kelly Clarkson achieved fame, the duo lived in various places, including Clarkson’s car and various shelters.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 7 – James A. Conrad

Author and physics researcher Conrad wrote “Filmmaker’s Dictionary” in 2000 and operated a telekinesis laboratory in Tampa Bay, Fla., for 15 years. Before achieving success as an author, he lived in his car for a time.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 8 – Jim Cramer

Hedge fund manager turned stock investing educator and CNBC TV host, Cramer graduated from Harvard University and worked as a reporter for The Tallahassee Democrat and Los Angeles Herald Examiner. During this period, his apartment was burglarized and he lost everything except his car. For nine months, Cramer lived in his car, until he was able to secure a job working for then-California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Famous people who lived in their cars No. 9 – John Paul DeJoria

DeJoria would go on to co-found the John Paul Mitchell Systems line of hair care products and become a billionaire. Before the company took off, however, DeJoria was homeless and lived out of his car.

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