Electric skateboard beats Corvette in drag race, sort of

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A man on an electric skateboard has beaten a Corvette in a drag race. Photo Credit: Yvwv/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

If a person lives in an urban environment, their transportation needs aren’t necessarily best served by a car. In fact, some “alternative transportation solutions” can be just as quick as a car, such as the electric skateboard that can, sort of, beat a Corvette in a drag race.

Corvette slower than electric skateboard for first 75 feet

The cool thing about Corvettes is they’re almost as fast as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches that cost several times as much. However, a viral video has started making the rounds of a Corvette getting beat in a drag race by an electric skateboard, according to Wired.

Well, sort of; the race wasn’t even close to a quarter-mile, the gold standard of drag races. Instead, it was only a paltry 75 feet, according to the Daily Mail.

Granted, a skateboard usually doesn’t have a toupee-wearing, middle-aged dentist to lug around.

Hard to get board

The board, the Gnarboard Trail Rider, is made by a startup company, Gnarboard, launched by Joshua Tulberg, who piloted the board against the ‘Vette. The company has a funding page on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Power comes from four 850-watt electric motors, making 3.4 kilowatts (about 4.4 horsepower). It uses regenerative brakes and has a battery life of about two hours, giving it a range of 13 to 15 miles.  The board is controlled via a hand controller, similar to a joystick video game controller for flight games.

Top speed is about 28 miles per hour, which the board hits in 1.9 seconds, roughly 0.2 seconds faster than a Porsche 911 but about 0.8 seconds slower than a Bugatti Veyron.

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Getting one certainly will come cheaper than car financing loans. The base model will be available in November, for $2,900. However, the model Tulberg raced the Corvette on is a more powerful model, which isn’t out until next year. It’s slated to cost $4,000.

Really not a bad idea

An electric skateboard or electric bike, electric scooter or a Segway might not seem that serious, but think about it for a moment. A person who lives in a cramped city like, say, New York, London or San Francisco, actually doesn’t need a car to get around like people who live in the suburbs.

Given cramped streets, dearth of gas stations, parking and wide availability of public transport makes it a little ridiculous to hit up Brooklyn auto dealers, at least for some people. Let’s say a person lives only a few miles from their workplace; why get a car? An electric skateboard or electric bike is a great mode of transport for that person.

A number of companies make them; Gnarboard is a bit of a “Cadillac” model. According to Gizmag, another company called Zboard makes an electric skateboard that uses “leaning” controls, sourced from the Xbox Kinect. Leaning on the front footpad speeds it up, the back footpad applies the brakes. The board’s top speed ranges from 15 to 17 mph and range varies from 5 to 10 miles, depending on the model. The Classic, which costs $599, has the lower speed and range, whereas the faster, longer range Pro, costs $849, less than half the cost of the Gnarboard.

Electric skateboard Corvette drag race



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