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A red 2013 Ford Mustang.

Get a new Ford Mustang at Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn, Conn. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/IFCAR/Wikipedia)

Traditionally, when people think about buying a new car at a dealership, they often think of unpleasant experiences with pushy salespeople. Yet there are automotive dealerships in this great nation that have changed the high-pressure game. Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn, Conn., is a great example. Its sales and leasing staff have regularly received top ratings for quality of customer service; quality of work; friendliness; price; and overall new and used car sales and lease experience from the most important group of all: its customers.

Top DealerRater rankings for Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn employees

Numerous employees in the sales and leasing department of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn have received positive customer comments on the industry website DealerRater.com. Since 2002, DealerRater.com is the first worldwide car dealer review website to help online customers find the right brick-and-mortar dealerships for sales and service. Customer feedback is screened through a four-step process to identify and remove fraudulent reviews.

David Mahon, Sales and Leasing consultant

Sales and leasing consultant David Mahon of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn has received much acclaim for his customer service skill, friendliness and product knowledge. One customer who gave Mr. Mahon top ratings on DealerRater.com was looking for a very specific model Ford with a very specific set of options. Even though the customer’s request ultimately ruled out all current Ford models available, Mahon was able to help the customer find a comparable model with almost the exact same options at a reasonable price. Throughout, the customer never felt pressured. On the contrary, they were more than pleased with the experience, and exclaimed that the immaculate facilities at Courtesy Ford would be the first place they’d turn when they need vehicle service.

On another occasion, a Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn customer who wasn’t sure what kind of Ford they wanted noted that David Mahon was extremely patient and exceedingly helpful, offering helpful vehicle alternatives to suit the customer’s budget and vehicle needs. The trade offer Mr. Mahon was able to extend to the customer also thoroughly exceeded their expectations. As with the previous customer, this patron noted that they would return to and recommend Courtesy Ford again for theirs or their friends and family’s vehicle needs.

Michelle Lamotte, Business Manager

On another occasion, a DealerRater.com user had the opportunity to work with Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn Business Manager Michelle Lamotte. This customer was searching for a new car, and had the chance to work with both Lamotte and Mahon. The customer had many questions, all of which Lamotte was able to address thoroughly and courteously in a timely fashion. By the time the customer was done at Courtesy Ford, they drove away in a fully registered, immaculate used SUV.

“They do it all,” said the customer of the Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn experience.

Chelsea Ketchen, Sales and Leasing Consultant

Yet another Courtesy Ford customer was searching for a new Ford, in spite of the fact that they’d been burned by major engine failure in a previous Ford Fusion purchase. According to the customer, Ms. Ketchen made the new car buying experience “a breeze,” quickly finding the customer the options they desired at a price they could afford. The customer went so far as to point out that Ketchen “breaks the stereotypical mold of a car salesperson,” in that she was thoroughly knowledgeable and did not make the customer feel any pressure at all.

John Mesawich, Sales and Leasing Consultant

Yet another example of Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn’s excellent customer service team is John Mesawich. One customer went to the dealership with her husband, with a new Ford on their mind. Not only did they find the Ford vehicle they wanted, but friendly, professional treatment they received when working with Mr. Mesawich convinced them to recommend the Ford dealer to their family and friends.

David Williams, General Sales Manager

After shopping at three different Brooklyn, Conn.-area Ford dealerships, one customer gave Courtesy Ford a try, and they were thankful they did. General Sales Manager David Williams and Mesawitch were able to help the customer find the Ford vehicle they desired, then hold it until pending insurance money from a previous accident came through. Throughout, Williams impressed the customer with his honesty, lack of high-pressure sales tactics and the ability to offer the best price in the region on a new Ford Focus.

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If you’re looking to buy or lease a new or used Ford vehicle and want a top-of-the-line customer service experience, why not give Courtesy Ford of Brooklyn a try? Visit their listing on Car Deal Expert below, call 1-860-774-3673 or visit them at 455 Providence Road, Brooklyn, Conn., 06234.


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