Plenty of car brand bicycles available for car nuts who cycle

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Ferrari logo

Yes, you can get a bicycle with the Ferrari logo, as it is one of a number of car brand bicycles. Photo Credit: The Car Spy/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

There are a number of bicycles that have come out bearing the name of car companies. It follows reason to think that if a car company has its name on a bike it has to be good and some are genuinely good.

Aston Martin charges almost $5,000 for the logo on its car brand bicycle

Aston Martin, the venerable luxury sports car maker, is releasing a high-end bicycle, according to the Daily Mail, dubbed the One-77. Named for the car the company is making a limited production run of, only 77 will be made, just like the car. Just like the car, it is expensive, retailing for 25,000 pounds ($39,323), basically the Rolls-Royce of car branded bicycles.

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The bike is made by Factor Bikes, a subsidiary of BF1 Systems, an engineering and components firm that supplies the aircraft and automotive industries, including some work for Formula One.  However, some of that cost might be for the logo and the paint job. Factor, according to Gizmodo, already makes a bike, called the Factor 001. It starts at only 21,995 pounds. That’s almost a $5,000 premium.

Car branded bikes can range though

In fairness, both are ultra high-end training bikes. These aren’t for weekend warriors; these bikes are meant to train world-class athletes, not yuppies participating in the Iron Man triathlon in Pig’s Knuckle, Arkansas. The One-77 also has a high-tech electronics package, that would bump the cost of the Factor 001 up to 27,000 pounds.

A whole bunch of car companies have come out with car branded bicycles over the years. According to Yahoo, Ferrari, Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Maserati and Mini have all released car brand bikes. BMW, aside from cars and motorcycles, has also been making bicycles for more than 50 years.

Though it might seem that it’s a great excuse for car makers to get people to pay for the badge on a bike, some are actually a great value for money. The Ferrari CX-50 mountain bike, by Colnago, is available for $949 through Sam’s Club, which is astoundingly cheap for a Colnago bicycle. It’s $2,404 through Ferrari’s store, which is still very good for a Colnago.

Some very affordable

Aside from the very high-end, there are more run-of-the-mill models. GMC and Jeep bicycles are sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores nationwide, usually for a couple hundred dollars. They’re made under license in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Those bikes are imported by Kent International, an American company that has been in the bike trade for more than a century. General Motors-brand bikes are also, according to the WSJ, a huge hit in Japan, as a lot of people there won’t buy the cars but are fine with the bikes.

A few car companies are even jumping into electric bicycles, as Ford, according to Yahoo, showed off a concept called, imaginatively, the E-Bike. Smart’s electric bicycle, the Smart eBike, according to Popular Mechanics, will be available in 2013. It has a high price tag of around $3,700, which is kind of high for an electric bicycle, but it also has a stunning 100-kilometer range, more than many electric bikes.


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