Best smartphone driving apps for staying safe and saving cash

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Close-up of a navigation app on an Android phone.

Always use driving apps hands-free, or with a co-pilot. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Klugem/Wikipedia)

Don’t play with your smartphone while you’re driving. Rock the hands-free or get a co-pilot, and then check out the following list of best apps for drivers. Promise you’ll be safe before you read on. These must-have driving apps can save you money and keep you safe while on the road. They’re commonly available for both iPhone and Android.


Everyone wants to find lower gas prices out there. This iPhone app will show you the 10 nearest fuel stations to your current location, as well as their current fuel prices. The service accesses the same pricing database used by AAA and satellite companies. Soon, iGasUp will also note such things as which service stations have car wash facilities.

My Max Speed 2.0

Every five seconds, My Max Speed 2.0 logs your speed and location, then exports the data to a spreadsheet. This is great for parents who are looking to track their teenager’s driving habits, or for individuals who want some form of backup in court when contesting a speeding ticket. In relation to the former, if the phone is moved outside a certain geographic area set by the users, My Max Speed 2.0 will automatically send a text or email.


More than 14 million users worldwide can’t be wrong. Trapster pinpoints speed cameras, red-light cameras and live speed traps, based upon user submissions. The more times an individual checkpoint is confirmed, the more it is emphasized on the GPS map. Voice alerts can warn safe drivers of oncoming trouble, including traffic hazards from accidents, breakdowns and road construction.

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Get real-time readouts of your driving style so that you can figure out how to drive more gently. Not only is this great for your car’s mechanics, it will help you save money on gas. greenMeter monitors energy usage at different speeds and loads, factoring engine power, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance. Then it shows the user energy costs in dollars, how much oil is consumed and the carbon dioxide output. It is green, after all.


There’s almost always a more efficient way of getting from point A to point B. TripAlyzer uses 3G and Wi-Fi triangulation to determine the best route for your gasoline dollar, plus it analyzes your driving habits in order to suggest ways you can conserve. You’ll have to enter in your car’s odometer reading and number of gallons in the tank, but once you do, TripAlyzer is off and running. As with any good driving app, this app communicates with the driver via synthesized speech.


With AccuFuel, you can keep a fairly detailed record of just what you’re spending on gasoline, over multiple cars. Receive instant feedback while driving, change the unit of measure based upon your country and even keep odometer records.

Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer Speed Box combines a compass, an average-speed calculator and altimeter to check the accuracy of a cable-driven speedometer. By looking at up to three hours’ worth of maximum and average speed data, the app can ultimately save you from those borderline speeding tickets.

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