Can Car Deal Expert help you afford the car of your dreams? You never know until  you try. Image from Flikr.

Can Car Deal Expert help you afford the car of your dreams? You never know until you try. Image from Flikr.

Which lender or bank Car Deal Expert connects you with depends, first of all, on where you live. We work with top lenders all over the country, so we will first find the lenders who serve your area.

Once we confirm that we can connect you with a lender, you can finish filling the lender in on the details, such as your income, how long you’ve had your job and how much you’d like to borrow. The lender will run a credit check and determine whether you are qualified

Ever-changing, always trying

Car Deal Expert strives to find lenders who will work with all different types of clients, from clients with little or no credit history or low credit scores to high-income clients seeking loans for high-end vehicles.

At Car Deal Expert, we strive to expand our base of lenders to achieve that goal. It is a never-ending process, as new lenders enter the arena continually. Also, lenders who have been trusted names in the business for a long time are still discovering Car Deal Expert.

Car Deal Expert finds lenders you can trust

Though Car Deal Expert strives to work with all customers, we are a little more discriminating about the lenders we will work with. Of course, we make sure our lenders are legitimate and trustworthy before we take them into the Car Deal Expert fold.

With all the scams that have popped up, especially on the Internet, we are very cautious about which lenders we choose to work with.

Find out quickly

In only takes a minute or so to find out if we can connect you with a lender in your area, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out. In fact, even if you just want to find out for future reference, that’s OK by us.

Once you are connected with a lender, it only takes a few more minutes to apply for pre-approval. That doesn’t mean you are actually applying for a loan. An application for pre-approval simply lets you find out how much money you are qualified to borrow. It is quick and easy, and it will let you know what price range you should seek during your hunt for a vehicle.