Driving too slowly can tear a whole in the emotional space time continuum. If can also ruin an innocent person’s day. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Roadway hazard No. 1 – The distracted texter Distracted driving has increased significantly with the rise of the cellular phone and today’s smartphone. There Read on! →

Treating the highway like your personal drag strip fits the definition of reckless driving. The reverse can be just as bad, however, as driving too slowly amounts to unsafe driving. Rather than creating a spirit-grinding traffic jam during your slow ride, do the rest of us a solid and trade in that Sunday drive for Read on! →

Many believe that the electric vehicle is the best hope for a future less dependent on fossil fuels. There have been pushes by many to popularize them. But still, even with high gasoline prices, they just don’t seem to be catching on in a significant way with the car buying public. This week, with everything Read on! →

If your hands feel clammy and you become nervous and fidgety if you’re away from Internet connectivity and social media for an extended period, you have a problem. The automotive industry is apparently happy to be your enabler, distracted driving and flaming auto accidents be damned. Despite objections from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Read on! →

The term “smart car” is one we see a lot today. Ostensibly it means a car featuring “advanced electronics.” But if some cars are smart, there must be some that are not-so-smart on the other end of the spectrum. Several car sites recently made their picks for “dumb cars.” Here are a few that stood Read on! →

My father used to tell me women couldn’t drive, and that was that. Dad doesn’t think in those black and white terms anymore, and probably most people don’t either. But if pressed, I bet most guys would still say they have an edge over the opposite sex behind the wheel. However, a new study shows Read on! →

Ford just announced, via Facebook, an interesting promotion of its Fusion line, called the “Fusion 41”. The race sounds really fun, and the winner gets to have his/her Fusion’s car loan completely paid off. Oh, and did I mention that the winning team gets free gas for a whole year? Ford, you wily serpent. Not Read on! →