Tesla Motors is suing the BBC and one of the hosts of the popular series “Top Gear” for libel. The electric car manufacturer alleges that the show made detrimental and false claims during an episode which was supposed to put the Tesla Roadster through its paces. The British Broadcasting Corporation is vigorously denying the allegations. Read on! →

Ford, Chrysler and General Motors are expected to side against granting annual raises to their 107,000 hourly employees as auto worker contract negotiations soon commence Tuesday, reports Automotive News. The Detroit 3 are allegedly prepared to offer productivity and quality bonuses of up to $10,000 per year. If auto workers agree to proposed profit-sharing measures Read on! →

Motors Liquidation Co., the company that took over General Motors (“Old GM’s”) bad assets when it went into bankruptcy in 2009, has reached a civil settlement Monday with the federal government regarding the embattled automaker’s environmental liabilities. Reuters reports that the U.S. government will receive $51 million in compensation for 34 GM plants known to Read on! →

The Ford Motor Company has announced a recall of more than 140,000 F-15o trucks because of an airbag defect in the 2004 and 2005 F-150 models. This is the second recall of the most popular vehicle in the United States in the past six weeks. The newest recall concerns faulty wires that can cause the Read on! →

The U.S. Supreme Court has made a ruling against the Mazda Motor Corp. that will expose the automotive industry to potential new seatbelt lawsuits, reports Automotive News. SCOTUS ruled that Mazda must defend itself against claims of liability in the death of Trahn Williamson, who died in 2002 in Kane County, Utah, as the result Read on! →

General Motors is dropping the Mr. Goodwrench name from its dealerships and service stations. It isn’t that GM is canceling service stations at dealerships — far from it. From now on, service stations will be brand name specific. Mr. Goodwrench, or Goodwrench Service Plus, as it is labeled today, is changing names as part of Read on! →

People are warned to nap if tired behind the wheel for good reason, as drowsy driving is dangerous. The idea that you should pull over and grab a nap is not just an old wives’ tale. A recently released study indicates that almost a fifth of crashes that result in fatalities involved a drowsy driver. Read on! →

Popular Mechanics’ top 10 cars of 2011 have been announced. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this 2011 rundown. 2011 Ford Mustang – $22,145 The re-energized Mustang clocks in with a 305-hp V6 at entry level, but the 5.0 and Boss 302 upgrade options push the power to race car level. The shocks Read on! →

General Motors has announced that it will be buying a significant portion of shares back from the Treasury. As part of the auto bailout, GM had to turn over a number of preferred shares to the United States Treasury. Earlier this year, GM announced it was getting back to fiscal health, and the company was Read on! →

If there is a power in the automotive industry that has weathered the storm of the recession, the mantle belongs to the Ford Motor Company. Ford was the only major U.S. Automaker to avoid bankruptcy in 2009, and the company also declined to accept auto bailout money. Today, according to Automotive News, Ford plans to Read on! →