Wheel-giant Goodyear will be be showing some new concepts for the world’s oldest invention at the Geneva Motor Show this week. In addition to a self-inflating model, the company plans to unveil a revolutionary tire filled with springs for use on extraterrestrial surfaces. Cutting edge tires Goodyear’s research and development teams have been working overtime Read on! →

Toyota has announced two separate recalls, one for the Tacoma pickup and one for the Camry sedan and Venza crossover. Tacoma trucks from the 2005 to 2009 model years have an airbag issue and the 2009  to 2011 Camry and Venza have an issue with the gear shifter. Lost in transmission Toyota, according to Reuters, Read on! →

For several years, Ford has sold a hot-hatch version of the Fiesta subcompact in Europe, though the normal version just arrived in the U.S., Ford’s home ground. Ford is currently showing the new Fiesta ST in Geneva and there are rumors it may come stateside. How Swiss it is The Geneva Motor Show is currently Read on! →

Roy LaHood, secretary of the Department of Transportation, was set to recommend Congress mandate car makers install back-up cameras on all models. However, he has decided to wait to issue a rule on the matter. Rule to reduce back-up accidents delayed again In 2007, a law was passed, according to USA Today, which mandated the Read on! →

Last week, a worldwide recall was announced for various Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, due to a flaw in the fuel injection system. Nearly 80,000 Nissan and Infiniti models in the United States are affected by the recall. Give me fuel but no fire It was reported recently that Nissan was initiating a worldwide recall of Read on! →

In the fiercely competitive automotive industry, automakers are always looking for ways to integrate the latest technology into the vehicles they make. As modern cars do more and more things, electronically speaking, more instrumentation is also required. This can lead to crowded consoles and confusing interfaces. Touchscreens have already become commonplace in new vehicles. Another Read on! →

Keeping a car in good running order can be a labor intensive and expensive task, but it’s usually cheaper than buying a new one. More people are electing to keep their cars for longer, as a recently released survey found length of vehicle ownership is increasing. Polk survey In the past, conventional wisdom was that Read on! →

On March 6 at Switzerland’s Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will reveal a redesigned Mitsubishi Outlander crossover, reports Automotive News. A series of new design touches will reflect “a gradual transformation in Mitsubishi’s design language,” note the automotive press. Mitsubishi Outlander curls wide Unlike previous Outlander models that sport a more aggressive, “jet fighter” Read on! →

Hyundai, along with other foreign automakers, is showing off upcoming models at the Chicago Auto Show. The Korean auto firm displayed the Elantra Coupe, as the brand is adding a new two-door to its lineup. Hyundai says no to trucks Hyundai is currently showing off new cars at the Chicago Auto Show, and the CEO Read on! →

At a time when environmental consciousness, green automotive technologies and fuel efficiency are paramount, Swedish automaker Volvo is paring back engines across its lineup. According to WardsAuto, Volvo’s new engine strategy will be to only produce four cylinder engines for use across its lineup of vehicles. Four cylinders for fuel efficiency Six years ago, Volvo Read on! →