The Indian truck maker Mahindra and its U.S. arm are being sued by auto dealerships in five different states. The suit alleges the Asian firm is guilty of conspiracy, misrepresentation and fraud. Dealers say they were duped The suit was filed on June 4 in a federal court in Atlanta on behalf of auto dealerships Read on! →

The state of New Jersey recently made an addition to its laws against distracted driving, which other states are starting to follow. The law mandates that any pets have to be restrained in a car, otherwise the driver faces a distracted driving fine of up to $1,000. Doggone it Distracted driving is a danger to Read on! →

In the largest crackdown in a decade, the U.S. Transportation Department has shut down 26 curbside bus companies for safety violations. Buses in and out of Chinatown Dozens of curbside routes originating at, or terminating in, New York City’s Chinatown have been halted by the government. An estimated 1,800 people rode on the lines daily, Read on! →

The state of California is the result of a bit of a brouhaha as the state was caught raiding funds from license plates commemorating Sept. 11, 2001. Despite the Golden State’s less than golden behavior, specialized license plates often fund some good causes. California did not forget the account balance A scandal has erupted in Read on! →

Toyota said Friday that it will be expanding its engine-building plant in Huntsville, Ala. The Japan-based automaker plans to add $80 million more to the facility and to bring in at least 125 new hires. The TMMAL The plant, called The Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama facility, is known popularly as the TMMAL. It cranks out Read on! →

Those who need a crossover that is insanely fast but much smaller than a Mercedes AMG are in luck. Nissan has confirmed a limited production run of the Juke-R, the project by Nissan’s European division that stuck the GT-R’s drivetrain in the Juke compact crossover. One mighty mouse The Nissan Juke is an interesting entry Read on! →

Kia has been working on a rear-wheel-drive, full-size flagship sedan based partially on the Hyundai Genesis. The car, which is called the Kia K9, has just been released in Korea and may arrive with a different name if sold in the U.S. Kia unleashes big sedan In 2011, according to Car and Driver, Kia took Read on! →

General Motors Co. has designs on acquiring Isuzu Motors. Reuters reports that GM had considered purchasing a controlling interest in Isuzu at more than one-third, which would have cost $3 billion. After the Japanese truck-maker noted that it wished to remain independent, GM reportedly scaled back its offer. Nikkei business daily notes that GM may Read on! →

In a world-class demonstration of “misplacing” something, Miami-Dade county in Florida lost nearly 300 Toyota Priuses six years ago. Recently they were found, by accident, rusting away unused in a warehouse. $4 million from taxpayers The Priuses were bought with $4 million of taxpayer money in 2006 to fill out the county fleet with low-polluting, Read on! →